12 Types of Blog Posts or Ezine Articles that Entertain

As you know, I’m a big fan of blogs, especially when they are on the home page of your website, because they help you build your list faster and establish credibility while creating a relationship with your tribe. Ezines also create an ongoing connection.

But I know that writing a weekly article (or posting a video) can start to drag. And if you keep procrastinating, you’ll eventually lose the benefit of publishing a regular article out to your list – continuous presence and building trust. And it adds stress!

So how can you keep fresh ideas flowing to your blog or ezine? Shake it up! And, if you want to really de-stess, plan most of  your posts!

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Both you and your readers will enjoy your articles or videos more if you vary the TYPE of post you publish. Here are 12 types posts that won’t fail to entertain and inform your readers:

1. How To /Educational
If you’re good at simplifying complex concepts and processes, this may be your ACE in the hole. And it’s easy to re-purpose these types of posts into freebies, bonuses or entire products.

2. Series
If the topic you’re simplifying has several steps, you can make it into a series.
Here’s an example of a series I did:
Seven Steps to Your Own Coaching Products, Part 1
Seven Steps to Your Own Coaching Products, Part 2
Seven Steps to Your Own Coaching Products, Part 3

3. Stories & Interviews
Stories always entertain. Share your own failure-to-success story,  interview a client for their success story or an expert your target market will enjoy.

And you can create a whole interview series as well. Here’s an example of an interview I did with one of my clients.
Real Coaches, Real Results – Kristin’s Success Story

4. Opinion piece
If there are fresh concepts, important issues, big changes, or current events being discussed in your industry or for your target market, then this post type is perfect, but they can’t be created very far ahead.

Be sure you thoroughly research an issue or event before you put your opinion out there. Consider getting quotes from various other thought leaders on the subject. Of course, invite readers to join the discussion.

5. Predictions & Trends
This is a great thing to do close or begin a new year. Make it fun but also get your message out to your audience about what you think is important for them. Here’s one I did recently:
What’s Hot and What’s Not for Coaching Businesses in 2012

6. What/Who Influences You
This is a really fun type of personal post. Be sure to only include things that will resonate with your target audience.

7. Things You’ve Learned
I find that my readers really appreciate hearing about how my mindset or systems are evolving. The aim is to inspire them to share their lessons learned, as well as allowing them to understand how you relate to them.
What’s Learning You? Lessons from Your Coaching Biz

8. Reviews
I don’t know about you, but I love it when someone will tell me WHY they recommend a book, movie, product, program, expert or online tool. If you really got value from something and you think your tribe would value it too, bottom line it for them.

9. Guest Blogs
This is something I’ve resolved to do more often in the coming year. Employ this type of post when you’re promoting someone else’s event or program. Ask them to write a guest post on the topic of their preview call/webinar and invite your readers to the event.

Or pick people for guest posts who have knowledge on topics that would engage your tribe.

10. Reflect on Something
Dig into a pithy topic, such an obstacle that you or your audience has faced.
Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way?

It could also be a gratitude post, about a recent travel or retreat experience, or the passing of someone you admire.

11. Lists
This could be a “top ten” style list, based on your opinion or results of a contest or survey. Or it could be a list of resources, tips, or just fun diversions.

12. What People Are Talking About
Find a quality post on another blog that your market will be interested in, and link to it with a short quote or summary. Add your take on the topic, and invite your readers to comment. Or, research something of interest to your market and provide a collation of links to the best ones you find (with a short quote or summary of each).

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And please share any ideas for articles in the comments below, along with any questions.