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We've done the legwork for you and found professional resources that will make your biz easier.

I teach coaches to have higher profits by keeping their expenses low and it starts with resources. It is tempting to buy special coaching platforms, this shiny app here and that supposed time-saving app there. But suddenly you find your yearly expenses are 25 – 50% of your income. That’s not good.

Here are the professional resources that I depend on and recommend to all coaches. Where possible, I go with free as long as it works and the interface doesn’t need customer service. When I do spend invest in my business I make sure it’s the best service I can get for the money.

Calendar – Online Appointment Scheduling

TimeTrade (by Engageware)

I love this simple, low cost online scheduler much more than Calendly or Acuity! Your prospects and clients can easily set up appointment times with you, receive a confirmation and a reminder. You can connect TimeTrade to your other online calendars so you’ll never double book. The Individual Level is all you need. It’s an annual fee rather than monthly which helps you save money!

Coaching Business Mentor

Rhonda Hess – Prosperous Coach

I humbly submit myself as the most high touch comprehensive mentor for coaches. In fact, if I’d had a mentor like me when I started I would have saved so much heartache, time and money in the long run. The business side of a coaching business is so much more complex than the coaching side and there’s no way you can know how to do this in a smart way from the get go.

I’m a trained coach with my own coaching business since 1997. I wrote coach training curriculum in 2001 and trained over 500 coaches. Then in 2006 I launched Prosperous Coach to help coaches choose a smart niche, earn more and market less. It’s a personal mission because more coaches need to earn well and stay with it!

Consider, my 5-month VIP Coaching Business Breakthrough program. It’s VIP because you & I collaborate to choose your ideal audience, develop your coaching niche, create all of your messaging including web copy and content strategy, plus plan and price compelling offers. You learn how to enroll, how to write for response and we handle all the little details together.

No more guess work. No more struggling alone. I’m your business mentor all the way. Fill out the application here and we’ll learn more about each other in a Discovery Call.

Read what my previous VIP clients say about working with me in this comprehensive private program.

Email Campaign Company

Aweber (affiliate link)
I know there are so many of these services but most are either overblown and way too expensive or they are clunky and hard to use. Aweber is by far the most reliable, easiest, most cost effective tool to capture subscribers/free offer sign ups, set up a campaign, send unlimited follow ups, do A/B testing, set up tag automations and email your blogs. But the BEST THING is the customer service. Call any time and quickly reach a human being who will help you. And you can understand what they’re saying! Your emails will also get better delivery because Aweber is highly respected.

Images (Royalty Free) for Web and Print


Deposit Photo
There are free images and then there are royalty free images. I prefer the latter because you can see the difference between free and paid. Royalty free just means you don’t have to pay a royalty for each time it is used/seen.

Layout Design

Canva (affiliate link)
This is a cool do-it-yourself online design tool for little ads, business cards, your logo, social media posts, fun graphics and more. I use it to create my episode art for Prosperous Coach Podcast. The free version gives you quite a bit so start there to keep your expenses low. Watch out, it’s addictive!

Podcast Host

Buzzsprout (affiliate link)

I started Prosperous Coach Podcast in 2018 and it has been the best way to attract a steady stream of ideal clients … ever! If you want to podcast, I can help you get it all set up as part of my VIP program. And, you’ll need a podcast host. I LOVE BUZZSPROUT! Enough said.

Website Services

This is where it’s smart to invest more. Believe me, you’ll save so much time if you have your website crafted by a pro web designer on WordPress and then hosted by a smart service like A2 Hosting (see below) instead of throwing up a Wix or Squarespace website done by yourself or a friend of the family. ; )

Web Designer

Nichole Betterley
I advise all of my VIP clients NOT to do their own website because, unless you’re tech savvy and know how to create a client-winning website, you’ll get a better results hiring a truly professional designer who is also an ace coder. And getting your friend or cousin to do this for you generally means it takes a long time, is done poorly and you have no recourse.

Nichole Betterly is simply THE best web designer I’ve ever found. I can’t tell you how often Nichole has fixed websites created by others. She’s highly skilled with WordPress and an elegant designer. All of her sites look gorgeous and function perfectly. She takes special care to make your site look and feel like you. She’s a trained coach and a coder as well as a designer, which matters. Contact Nichole now and get on her schedule before you do all the writing/content design for your website.

Listen in on Prosperous Coach Podcast as Nichole & I talk about – Custom Coaching Website Design vs. DIY Templates.

Web Hosting Services

A2 Hosting (affiliate link)

Professional hosting often for less and no sales harrassment! Look, I’ve been with the bigger outfits like Bluehost who hound you to buy more security and more bells & whistles. And you definitely should NOT host with GoDaddy. Instead host with a long term, specialized service that isn’t out to swindle you. That’s A2.