Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way?

Over a decade, I’ve learned a lot of things the “hard” way by making mistakes and then having a big “aha” that set me on the right track. One lesson that really stands out:

Don’t make decisions out of fear.

Have you shied away from sending a series of promotional emails about one of your offers because you’re afraid of bothering people or doing it wrong? Your fear may be sabotaging your desire to be a successful coach.

But, if you’re on the mailing lists of well known thought leaders, you know this… when they promote a few times each year, they really go for it!

Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way - Rhonda HessYou can tell they believe in what they’re offering and they’re not shy about letting you in on it. Everything they do has been planned out well in advance, including a series of emails that point you to a preview of their program through a free teleseminar, webinar, or video series.

It’s highly effective. That’s why they keep doing it despite the fact they have a huge list of raving fans.

It’s all about frequency, diversity and pacing.

Three Smart Reasons to Send a Series of Promotional Emails

1. Frequent invitations build a buzz. With each successive email, excitement builds, and as time goes on, more people want to get in on it. People tweet it, share it on Facebook and forward the email to colleagues. If you’re using promotional partners, the buzz grows louder and reaches more people faster.

2. Different words and phrases resonate with different people. If one email doesn’t strike a chord, another will. That’s why you want to craft each email with a unique perspective rather than repeat the same info over and over. And, when you craft the emails your promotional partners send, you’ll want allow your partners to customize them as an endorsement.

3. Allow people to decide at their own pace. Some people want in as an “early bird” for the best deal, others allow each email to build a case for saying “YES!”, while others may only read your last email and catch the train just before it leaves.

I can’t tell you how often people respond to my fourth or fifth promotional email with: “I just saw this and want in! Is there still room?”

If you only send an email or two, you may never capture the attention of a large percentage of your list. Also, if you send one email a few days before your program starts, you’ve missed the people who don’t open their email regularly. They could on vacation or be focused on family for a few weeks. A longer email campaign accounts for those situations.

And here’s something you know, but might forget… for each email you send out, only a fraction of your list will open it… a fraction of those people will click through… a fraction of those will sign up… a fraction of those will attend, and only some will invest.

• For example, out of a list of 2000, say only 500 open the email.
• Out of that 500, only 100 sign up for your preview.
• Out of that 100, only 50 attend.
• Out of that 50, only 10 invest.

You may have better results than these above, but these are considered average results.

So you see, sending out multiple emails helps you reach more of your 2000 fans. And if you have promotional partners you’ll reach people that aren’t on your list. You partners will send out a couple of emails on your behalf to their lists. Ultimately, that raises the number of people investing in your programs.

What has motivated you to invest in programs? Have you ever enrolled at the last minute?

If you’re worried about losing people off your list – here’s the thing – they were probably never going to play with you anyway. If all they want is your free advice and they can’t tolerate invitations to engage, they won’t be your ideal clients anyway.

Okay… ready to play? Over the last two weeks I’ve covered planning your year, including your promo calendar. Then in the last post I showed you how to do step one for a promotion – create ace copy. Next time I’ll talk about how to create a series of promo emails. This time I wanted to help you get out of your own way about this.

Share in the comments below, your questions, you fears, how you’re overcoming those fears and anything else about multiple emails. Many Blessings!