What’s Learning You? Lessons from Your Coaching Biz

The title of this post is not a typo – what’s learning you? Before you spur yourself into your future again, take a minute to bring with you the gifts of 2010. Truly integrate what you’ve learned and 2011 will be juicier, bigger and more fun for you!

Almost everyone I know has been in a big boiling cauldron of change in 2010. You too? I feel like I’m finally out of that hot water and into the grace of enjoying what I learned in that uncomfortable time.

What I learned in 2010.
So, I want to hear about what’s ‘learning’ you. In other words, are you changed by what’s happened this year?

What has had you on your growing edge?

How have you transformed?

What were the big aha’s?

5 Things that Learned Me in 2010

I’ll start by sharing my big aha’s this year, then you jump in, okay?

Less is More

At her recent Recurring Revenue Revolution event in Las Vegas, Milana Leshinsky said something that stopped me in my tracks.

“Just because something is accurate doesn’t mean it’s useful.”

Wow! Isn’t that the truth?

It’s time to pare away whatever doesn’t bring about the desired results, folks. Loading up clients with more and more content isn’t the same as raising value. Getting it”right” isn’t the same thing as having an impact. Perfect is rarely inspiring, but being real is.

Hang Out with Luminaries

Want to dramatically increase your results? Spend face time with your mentors and models. It’s the fastest way to play a bigger game.

Once and for all I’ve accepted my introversion as a beautiful way to be, and I still took the risk to get out from behind my desk and meet the A listers face to face. There is no doubt in my mind now that seeing myself in others is the way to leap. We are all one. More of that in 2011!

Mindset is King & Queen

I learned that freedom really is my #1 value. For me, that means checking limiting beliefs at the door and letting those crystallized thoughts I organize myself around dissolve completely.

As my friend, Bill Baren, says: “Live as if the box doesn’t even exist.” Whether you want to get unstuck in your coaching business, your relationships or lose weight — whatever you really want next — it starts with a paradigm shift.

Amp Up the Joy

I got it on a cellular level that it’s completely up to me to make every detail of my life delightful. Accept it or change it. Those are the choices, but the way I feel about it will make all the difference to my happiness. It’s time for more joy in the big and small things of life!

Stand In Your Power

I keep taking turns around this spiral and deepening my understanding about what true power is. It’s about courage not confidence. It starts in my body, not my brain. It’s where meaningful contribution in this world begins and ends. It’s not about being better than anyone else — because comparing really does suck. It’s about finding the way everyday to awaken greatness.

Hope you enjoyed those. Now, please, don’t let me stand out here all by myself. Share the many ways you’ve transformed through the year.

  • Wow Rhonda…this one really struck me.

    Getting it”right” isn’t the same thing as having an impact. Perfect is rarely inspiring, but being real is.

    I really got to see this in trying to create this video for my upcoming workshop page here http://ajobilove.com/. I was feeling so many different things this day becasue nothing went as planned around preparing for this video shoot. Getting my hair done didn’t happen, we were losing light fast and the person that shot this for me didn’t even think to bring a tripod. Oh and did I mention I forgot the script? And with no time to get back to the office to get any of these things before the sun was totally gone, I just went for it. Was a stretch for me to even put it up, but glad I did, despite multiple people telling me how not perfect it was. Feel quite proud about that.

    • Love your video and the great story you shared with us, Barb!

  • Hello Rhonda, I love this post. What a way to finish 2010 and plunge into 2011. For me, in 2010 it has been a tremendous year of change (and personal growth) I recently decided to quit my corporate job and follow my dream of owning my own company. I wanted to wake up each day and drive success on my terms. I spent too many years (17) believing I needed to be just like everyone else. Marching to other peoples drum.
    The one thing that learned me is “Less is More” I delayed leaving corporate life because of my fear about not earning enough money. Long story short, in March of this year something happened in my job that caused me to finally resign and jump into my dream. Once I removed the nuisance of having a job to worry about I could do what I wanted. I did not know what was going to happen. But after 9 months I am happy to say I have not needed as much money as i thought and opportunities are everywhere. I am making money!! Your other point on not needing to be perfect and it is about courage not confidence is so true. I have lived over the last 9 months what your blog talks about. I encourage people everywhere to practice the physical law of “displacement” What I mean is this: Just like if you put your had in a large bowl of water, your hand takes up space. When you remove your hand, water replaces that space. The bowl symbolizes your life, the water opportunity and your hand the thing holding you back. I encourage everyone out their to Figure out what is holding you back (your hand) and “pull it out” so that the waters of opportunity can flood into your life!
    Rhonda, I too come from the introverted persuasion 🙂
    I have learned it is a tremendous strength!
    Good luck to everyone in 2011!
    Great conversation.
    Have a great day!

    • This is deep, Rob. And I love your metaphor. Pull out the thoughts that are holding you back and opportunity flows in.
      Congrats on your emergence from your less than ideal corporate life and into what you truly want to do. Amazing how not so much money is needed when we’re happier!

  • Shari Spaulding

    There have been so many lessons in 2010 and although many of them have repeated for me, in re-learning them I’ve gained an even deeper understanding. I treasure my findings, and love to share them with whomever is curious. I’ll share my #1 lesson – The World Is Our Reflection.

    I’ve learned that when we are not good with ourselves in some way, we see it in the life we are living. The world reflects all of our answers back to us, meaning that what we need to work on in ourselves, is what we see in others as we look around. We are the ONLY ones who can see that which we need to work on. We simply need to recognize that what we see in others is a gift and an example of something that we need to understand, work on, change, or be content with in ourselves. Being observant, sympathetic, and understanding rather than judging or critical with others, helps us figure out and learn what we too need to know for ourselves.

    • I really appreciate you for sharing this, Shari. So true, so true. If we can master our mind and love ourselves everything is so much easier.

  • Hey Rob — CTA alum! – it’s never to late to chime in. Indeed patience and persistence are golden.

    I will say that my clients, who have chosen a viable market to champion, aren’t having that experience of not finding eager, open clients in this economy. It has to do with speaking their language and being about their problems and challenges. The narrower you can go in your market the better because then your message really hits home. Thanks for commenting!