What’s Hot and What’s Not for Coaching Businesses in 2012

As the new year approaches I thought it would be fun to share my 3 predictions for what’s in and what’s out for coaches in the coming year.

Webinars Overtake Teleseminars

I’m not saying that teleseminars are out, but webinars are certainly IN! Have you noticed there’s more webinars being offered than ever before? One reason is that social media has raised the desire for visual cues. When I browse through my Facebook news feed, I tend to focus faster on posts with photos, graphics and videos. What about you?

Another reason webinars are gaining popularity is that attendance rates are higher and people enjoy the chat function. When there’s something to follow along and a way to connect, attendees stay longer on calls and multi-task less. And if you’re promoting through webinars, that means more clients and higher income.

A well-done set of power point slides delivered as a pdf handout may accomplish the same thing for a teleseminar. In either case, the quality of the visuals and timing will affect results.

Also, there are new systems for webinars, such as Evergreen Business Systems, which makes distributing webinars so much easier. The replays are more interesting that audio alone.

Of course, the big downside to webinars is the cost of the webinar recording systems like GotoWebinar and the potential for technical difficulties. But, like any 3rd party system, invest in it with intention to use it frequently, which justifies the cost while you get more technically savvy.

More Web Pages Get Mobile Friendly

Mobile ready web pages are hot, hot, hot!

According to Nielsen forecasts, half of Americans will own a smart phone by the end of 2011. More internet searches are being conducted from smart phones and more people are accessing their email from mobile devices.

If your home page or blog isn’t mobile ready, your visitors may be bouncing from your site in frustration.

Have you ever searched for a site on your smart phone and groaned because it’s so hard to read and navigate? Most web pages look like hell on a mobile browser unless they’ve been designed for it.

If your site is on WordPress, install the WP touch PRO plugin and test it on various mobile devices. Otherwise, have your web designer create a separate mobile friendly template that opens when your site is accessed through a mobile device. My blog is now mobile friendly!

You could even be really cutting edge and put a QR code on your business card that can be scanned by a smart phone and immediately open your mobile friendly website. (You might have used a QR code for your boarding pass on a recent flight.) It’s a clever way to build your list if you’re handing out a lot of cards.


A New Business Savvy Breed of Coach Emerges

Entrepreneurs are experiencing one of the few bright spots in this economy. Find your own staying power by listening closely to the people you serve, innovating for the times and clever positioning.

More than ever it’s critical that coaches stand out in the crowd and position their services as essential. Coaches will become more business savvy and determined to ride the wave to the top. Their moxie, can-do mindset, consistent high touch connection and good old fashion closing skills will win clients over.

No one wakes up saying “I need a coach”. So selling coaching is out!

Smartly targeting a unique audience and client centric marketing is in. By focusing on a viable market and offering them exactly what they’re ready to invest in right now, coaches will easily beat the odds and boost profits, even in a downturn.


What are your predictions for coaches in 2012? Share them in the comments section below.


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