Meet Rhonda

Rhonda Hess, Coaching Niche Success Strategist and founder of Prosperous Coach

Hello Coach! I’m so glad you found me.

I fell in love with coaching when life coaching was just starting to be a professional service. That dates me a bit.

Now the coaching industry is widespread but too many coaches still don’t make a good living at it. I know why and I’m all about changing that.

One of my clients said that I have a super power for helping coaches choose a profitable niche they’ll love.

That was a beautiful mouthful! And, it’s true. A lucrative niche is more than you think and it’s worth your time to get it right.

How did I get here mentoring coaches on their coaching niche, business models and more? The usual way. A loopy journey, a few angels and a surprise from the Universe.

It took me 3 long years to get my own coaching business flowing with clients who pay well. That’s ridiculous! If I knew then what I know now, it would have saved a lot of heartache.

Bottomline? I want you to get there much FASTER!

Shortening the learning curve is what I do with my clients. My 20 years of experience is at your service!

You can have a fun, meaningful and lucrative coaching business! And it starts with your niche. Everything connects to that first decision.

If you’re tired of trying to figure it all out through endless masterminds and group programs that get you no closer to what you really want, let’s talk. Fill out the form on Work with Rhonda and we’ll uncover what you want and need. It’s a free conversation, so why not?


Angels and Surprises

Like a lot of coaches, I started my coaching business by trying to sell a certain type of coaching. I tried life coaching, then spiritual coaching, then business coaching.

Each time, I was pushing coaching as if that was the thing people woke up wanting. They don’t. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a valuable skill that transforms people. There’s a better way to get coaching clients.

Income started to flow when I narrowed to serving one target audience — women entrepreneurs. Suddenly, instead of pushing coaching, I was speaking their language about their top challenges and goals. I used my coaching skills to help them reach for the stars, but I didn’t sell coaching.

Get the shift?

And then, I got elected to the board of the Denver Coach Federation, a leadership position that put me in front of a lot of entrepreneurs — coaches!

The magic moment happened when the President of the DCF board, Will Craig (an angel of mine) asked me to help him train coaches in his own coach training organization — Coach Training Alliance (CTA). Next, he asked me to co-author new curriculum and design the certified coach program. I became the lead trainer. CTA still uses that curriculum and design now.

My coaching business really took off then because I narrowed my audience to coaches.

When you target one specific audience for your coaching magic, positive things happen! You get noticed. You become known. And suddenly you’re the go-to person for that audience, helped along by surprises from the Universe, of course.

CTA gave me a platform, a way to stand out and attract clients through leadership, but I didn’t stop there. I launched Prosperous Coach® in 2006 specifically to help coaches with the business side of coaching.

Because it doesn’t matter how great a coach you are if no one knows about you.

The other great thing about that magic moment back in 2001 was that I learned to write! I’ve written a lot since then … my own curriculum, and over 500 blogs to help coaches earn more and market less. Now, I teach my clients how to write great web copy, blogs and more.

Give yourself the advantage of a profitable niche.

I’ll show you how to choose something that fits you like a glove and build your whole business foundation around it. And then … watch for that magic moment … it’s coming!

Rhonda lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, Seth, a talented lawyer, and Freya Underfoot, the cat. When she’s not helping clients with all aspects of their coaching businesses, she’s painting, reading or walking the foothills with friends.