Meet Rhonda

Rhonda Hess, Coaching Niche Success Strategist and founder of Prosperous Coach“What’s my Niche?”  Rhonda Hess has a super power for helping coaches answer that question and become a go-to coach in high demand.

Rhonda is an internationally recognized business mentor and the founder of Prosperous Coach®. Her step-by step-system, Your Highly Profitable Niche, starts you off on a fast track to success where clients pay you well, stay longer and fill your business for you!

Her blueprint Client Winning Websites & Blogs helps you learn how to create powerful online content that strikes a resonant chord with your target audience.

Rhonda has been a leader in the coaching industry for 18 years. She co-authored coach certification curriculum and personally trained over 500 coaches at Coach Training Alliance. She served on the board of the ICF Colorado as Treasurer and the third Director of the Colorado Coaching Expo. Her two time award winning Prosperous Coach Blog is full of pinpointed and easy to implement guides that help you attract clients in a fun, effective and non-salesy way.

Rhonda loves to work privately with motivated coaches who are ready to brand smartly and stand out in the crowd. If you’d like VIP hand holding to land your niche, develop compelling offers, and create a dynamic web process that converts high paying clients, tell Rhonda a bit about yourself here. She’ll be in touch!