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  • Ep 54 – Awaken Your Money Making Mojo

    5 powerful questions to check why the coaching business you want hasn’t manifested yet

  • Ep 53 – Get Prosperity Thinking Working for Your Coaching Business

    What comes around goes around in business and life so be generous and others will be for you too.

  • The Coaching Business Backslide: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

    You’ve invested a lot of time, money and passion to become a professional coach. No doubt, you’ve already made a difference in people’s lives. But that initial push to learn how to coach and build your business foundation can quickly turn into disillusionment if paying clients don’t beat a path to your door at the get-go. Impatience slows manifestation. Is it time to get out of your own way? After . . .

  • Joint Ventures will help your business reach the masses

    Will Your Coaching Niche Pass the Test?

    Coaches often ask me: “Is this a good coaching niche?” What they really want to know is — will focusing my energy this way repay me with a consistent flow of clients who are willing to invest? That’s the 6-figure question. First, do you really need a coaching niche? Ultimately, there are three reasons to niche: ease, reach and profitability. We choose a niche so we can market less, earn . . .

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