What Clients Say

I worked with Rhonda to refine my coaching niche and develop a cohesive marketing approach. When I met Rhonda, I really didn't understand even the basics of marketing. Now, I know how to authentically connect with the right clients on a regular basis. Rhonda is a coach's coach. While her program is full of actionable information about building and marketing profitable coaching packages for your coaching niche, Rhonda also helped me build the confidence and competence to turn my side hustle into a successful full-time business.

Caroline Adams

Rhonda, I could not have built my coaching business without you! You helped me discover a coaching niche that feels authentic, create a signature program with copy that speaks to my audience in a powerful way, manage the web design process, develop a valuable freebie, write compelling blogs. AND you steered me in the right direction with your multitude of helpful coaching tools -- even when my negative thought crept in. Your approach, patience and brilliant ability to streamline my ideas into valuable services for my clients is truly a gift. You are more than a smart investment ... you're a blessing to me and the coaching industry.

Shawna Warner

Rhonda helped me identify my coaching niche. Her mentoring process is well-structured and focused on what really matters. She offers a wealth of techniques, information and tips for coaches - from setting up business basics to mastering marketing and client relationships as well as developing high-value products. She really sets the bar for coaches to aspire to! One of the most valuable lessons I learnt from Rhonda is to go with what works and what's viable rather than with what seems fancy.

Anna Dianova

Encountering Rhonda is like encountering a fresh spring of water that flows with brilliance. I’ve grown so very much in just a few short months of working with Rhonda. She brings the very best to her coaching conversations in order to bring out the very best out of her clients. It’s a honored privilege to recommend her to you and your success.

Mike Harrison

Rhonda, you made everything so simple for me to accomplish. I appreciate the way you review and finesse everything. Thanks for listening to my heart. You are a great coach.

Iftikhar Nadeem

I just signed up my first coaching client! At my full rate! I did follow ALL your suggestions on how to have that conversation and wow, what a handy guide! I focused on your statement about “bless your coaching prospects and feel blessed, no matter what happens” which really helped me let go of the results and focus on being present. Needless to say I’m indeed celebrating the success.

Lisa Curtis

Business Coaching with Rhonda was the ideal solution to shift my business from surviving to thriving! Based on the first quarter, I’m projecting a 50% increase in my earnings this year. Thanks to Rhonda’s help with defining my niche and her website marketing strategies, I’ve had a steady flow of clients coming in that are a perfect fit for me. My confidence has increased because my business is finally focused on the work that I love and I’m earning higher rates. Working with Rhonda is a great investment!

Eve Pollak, MA, VMTR

Having a business mentor/coach transformed my life. Rhonda’s expertise is one of the best investments I’ve made in this lifetime. Before I began working privately with Rhonda, I only dreamt of having a dedicated mentor who would guide me through a journey of uncertainties to joyfully reaching my big end goals. She helped me choose a target niche that I truly enjoy. We worked together to create compelling web content, a valuable freebie and a signature system that I know my target audience wants. Rhonda’s private mentoring transformed me from a successful government employee into a smart CEO of my own prosperous coaching business. Now I’m engaged in work that is powerful and enlivening.

Angela Jiggetts

Before I began working with Rhonda I felt like I was doing pretty well but the results I longed for were missing. Rhonda very quickly focused me on my niche, target audience, and branding. As that solidified it blossomed into a wonderful website where I have a client attraction strategy with professional collaterals and a clear signature system. I learned that if you want to get serious about a business then you need to invest in an expert. I whole-heartedly recommend Rhonda.

Scott McKimmy

Rhonda, thank you for helping me solidify my coaching niche, brand my business and create a website that speaks to my target audience. You partnered with me through every step and project, always honoring my unique personality and skills. You were as invested as I was in my goals. You gave me so much personal attention, I felt like I was your only client. I never had to wait until our next call to get answers or support!

Pam Sarubbi

Rhonda has a very calm yet thorough way of working which was incredibly beneficial. Finding a coaching niche was always something that had eluded me, yet I knew it was an important next step for my practice. Working with Rhonda made this process of discovery fun and engaging. Rhonda is a great niche strategist and business coach yet I'd also say that even more so her (life/purpose/passion) coaching skills were what made all the difference and her gentle manner and dedication was so valuable. Its clear Rhonda comes from a place of service and she really cares about her clients and their success.

Matt Hattersley

Right after I received my certification as an executive coach, I was recommended to Rhonda to help me with finding my way in a new career! Rhonda exceeded all of my expectations in helping me determine my specific coaching niche, setting up my web site and supporting me as I launched my new business. She understood the challenges I faced and was amazing as a sounding board, colleague and coach. I continue to utilize her as my business grows and endorse her completely!

Liz Trocchio

Rhonda Hess has helped me focus my business, my marketing and most importantly, my energy. I was getting great results with the clients I had, but was struggling to build my business. My efforts to attract and land new clients were scattered. Rhonda helped me look at my interests, passions and toolbox, plus my work experience to land a coaching niche that's not only a joy for me but far more lucrative than my original approach. I coach bold women leaders to step onto a bigger stage. I have been focusing on this niche for the last 7 years and have had extraordinary opportunity to be of service to a driven and dynamic group of clients. My business has grown substantially. Rhonda is a passionate advocate and savvy advisor. I am deeply grateful for her insight, wisdom, encouragement and guidance.

Nan Crawford

Working privately with Rhonda is well worth the investment. In a short time my coaching practice has transformed into a more lucrative, fun and reliable business. I’m working smarter without working more hours and enrolling more clients at higher fees. Rhonda helped me focus and streamline my niche, branding, website, coaching programs and marketing strategies so they all work in concert. It’s raised my confidence about the value of my services significantly. And my income is already 5x greater than last year!

Kim Meninger ExecutiveCareerSuccess.com

Your strategic guidance and mentoring were instrumental in my business turnaround. You’ve taught me to stay focused and move forward with confidence in my direction and abilities. I feel blessed knowing I was guided your way by spirit!

Andy Hill

You are THE Coaches' Coach 🙂 Thank you Rhonda for sharing your wisdom and knowledge with me.

Leo Landeverde

Before taking Rhonda’s CWWB program, my website was simply an online brochure. Now every word and image works in concert to enroll the best clients for me because it’s tailored to attract my target audience.

Kim Meninger

I am grateful for Rhonda’s professionalism, ethics, and competence in responsibly guiding me in my business.

Christina Weber

I have made more progress on my coaching business with this program than with anything else I have ever done.

Mimi Stout

I’ve experienced THE SHIFT and am transported mentally and emotionally by Rhonda’s niching system!

Matt Rudman

It’s so much easier to enroll clients when you know exactly who your clients are, where they hang out and what they want.

Sandra Hoedemaker

This course gave me a real boost - if you're not sure who your target market is, or how to get their attention, grab this course while you can!

Cara Lynn Garvock

No sooner do I have a question then you answer it in the call recordings or webinars. How great is that?

Lisa Curtis

Before investing in this work with you, I was confusing myself. With your feedback and the Your Highly Profitable Niche program I'm ROCKING it out and cannot wait to do this big work in the world.

Peggie Avidson

I never imagined the impact choosing a viable niche would have on me and in my life!

Karyn Stuart

You guided me to my intuition, helped me clarify a viable niche and new direction that resonated more deeply and actually felt fun.

Robert Winn

Rhonda’s niche program helped me to narrowly define the types of clients I most love to coach. Now I more confidently enroll them at higher fees and for longer programs.

Kim Meninger

I can't get enough of your articles!! You've proven you have the answers.

Coach Hindy

Just came across your website. Amazing information. Looking forward to your next webinar.

Karina Carrasco

I always appreciate your laser view of things.

Dr. Jackie Black

Rhonda - why is your timing always so brilliant?

Martin Fox

Fabulous blog! Really high value content, SO impressed!

Ryan Lock

I wish I had come across this blog 20 years ago when I began my practice.

Tom Hudson

Your posts re-inspire me! Thank you!