What Clients Say

Jody Cates – California

Sofia Nunes – Portugal

Erin Maillo – Italy

Reese Long – Oklahoma

Marion Bertoli – Barcelona

Cindy Van Praag, MD – Houston

Rhonda’s 5-month VIP program exceeded my expectations. She helped me grow as a new coach and entrepreneur. She is a standout in her. Her program is well structured with short easy steps. Her creativity with words and expert writing skills teaches you how to write to connect with your audience. She also helped me create my own podcast from scratch! If you are on the fence about a business coach, listen to her podcasts and get to know her.

Becky Kolb – Arizona

Rhonda, really is a master at what she does. Her program is perfect for new coaches just coming out of certification who have no clue where they want to go. Had I not invested in her program I would still be wallowing in decision. And THAT would have been a truly costly error. If you are considering enrolling in Rhonda’s 5-month VIP mentoring program, it was well worth my investment of both money and time!

Laura Malinowski – Maryland

Rhonda is such a great business strategist and thought partner. She provides specific, simple, and clear guidance that helps me light the way on my own path, the one that’s really right for me, and stay on it. Her recommendations were like rocket fuel that boosted me forward particularly around market research, writing and podcasting. Getting out of my own head to partner with such a savvy resource has been a game changer. Thanks Rhonda!

Juanita Badenhorst – Namibia

Rhonda's encouragement and patience increased my confidence so much that I even started my own podcast. There is no way I could have gotten this far without Rhonda. She helped me in structured way to move forward in my coaching business. I appreciate the support with deadlines, guides, assignments and valuable feedback throughout the process. Rhonda’s VIP program contains everything you need to successfully launch your coaching business. I highly recommend working with Rhonda.

Sharon Ehrlich – Vienna

Rhonda Hess provides tremendous value to anyone serious about taking an efficient path to launch their coaching business. I discovered Rhonda by listening to her podcast Prosperous Coach. I binge listened to it for months before taking, what I believe was the most important step in my entrepreneurial journey, signing up for her Strategy Session. I’m convinced that Rhonda’s Signature System is the ONLY solution for coaches who want to launch a successful business. Believe me when I tell you it will save you precious time and keep you from wasting money! With Rhonda you’ll benefit from her business acumen, her mentoring, her expert copy writing skills and her exceptional organizational & project management capabilities.Rhonda has a genuine interest in her clients succeeding. Her unwavering encouragement provided me with the support I needed and she was with me every step of the way. I honestly can't imagine doing any of it without her! Thank you, Rhonda!

Nancy Fournier, Ph.D – New Orleans

It was so impressive in how 'dialed in' Rhonda was to my specific professional journey. Rhonda was extremely helpful in assisting me in designing my signature coaching program. She brings a wealth of knowledge and technical skills to the process of defining one's coaching niche and developing all of the collateral material to market your product. I was particularly impressed by thoroughness of her guides which I know will continue to refer to as I continue on in my business. The sequential structure of her signature program kept me continually working on, thinking through and perfecting my product. She is extremely responsive to all email requests, edits everything with a careful eye and This is the first time I have invested in myself to have the assistance of a coach and mentor and I am very glad I did so.

Sofia von Celsing – Sweden

Rhonda's expertise has taught me so much and she’s a true marketing and copywriting expert. She is a business-savvy fairy godmother for coaches! She has helped me with getting my business off the ground in such a lovely way and I am so grateful that I found her and jumped on her VIP program. She supports with deadlines, guides, assignments, feedback, and hand-holding through the ups and downs of building a coaching business, which helped me to move forward fast in a structured way.  Thanks to Rhonda, I now have a profitable niche that I love, a podcast, an amazing website, and high-paying clients that keep enrolling in my program. A million thanks Rhonda, you are a star!

Christina Wilson, Ph.D. – Indianapolis

Best investment ever made! I had no idea where to start. Rhonda knows exactly how to narrow down your audience and is well-versed in delivering content that emotionally connects with clients. Setting up a business is a lot of work, but Rhonda's VIP Program significantly streamlines the process. She listens to your concerns as she guides your success and incorporates meaningful tools along the way. My experience was better than I ever imagined. It was great having a superb thinking partner guiding the biggest project of my life. I have grown tremendously and am excited about future success.

Chris Steele – Seattle

Rhonda is kind, knowledgeable and has a knack for raising the confidence in first-time coaches. She quickly helped me identify the perfect coaching niche for me in her VIP program, where she privately mentors every aspect of setting up and running a coaching business from marketing, branding, creating free valuable content and more. I received outstanding guidance on how to produce a podcast along with social media strategies to bring in clients. She is always available to answer questions. Working with Rhonda was a pleasure. I am definitely happy with the investment I made.

Sheryl Staite-Bryson – BC, Canada

Working with Rhonda was an absolute must to get my coaching business off the ground. She helped me establish the essential pieces of a new coaching business so I could start building and growing from a place of confidence and stability with a clear sense of direction. I would highly recommend her VIP program for new coaches.

Dan Roberts – North Carolina

I was looking for someone who could help me corral my spiraling mind and combine my experience, knowledge and passion into a viable and rewarding niche. Rhonda did that and so much more. She is an extremely knowledgeable guide who provides you constant tangible value every step of the way and literally helps you build a real working business model. She reduces your learning curve. You will feel so much better about the direction, approach and foundation of your business.

Elana Israel – Philadelphia

Rhonda's VIP Signature Program gave me the structure and discipline I needed to get my coaching business going! I was a total newbie with niche drama and no direction for how to launch. I really needed a hand holding process and that's exactly what I got! Rhonda is kind, helpful, and always goes above and beyond. Anytime I asked a question, she would respond quickly and thoroughly. I was nervous about the investment but within weeks I forgot about it because I felt so much momentum. Totally worth it!

Martina Kuhlmeyer – Massachusetts

I genuinely enjoyed how Rhonda partnered with me throughout her VIP program! She helped me combine my coaching skills with my prior professional experiences. Now I have a business that truly reflects who I am and represents what I am passionate about. I could not have come up with that by myself. She has tremendous experience and a wealth of resources that allowed me to create a solid business foundation. I looked forward to every session. This was one of the smartest investments I have ever made into my personal development.

Leslie Wang – Massachusetts

I couldn't be happier! With Rhonda's expert guidance I've made the shift from treating coaching as a side hustle to making it a full time profitable business. She provides useful, detail-oriented feedback on every step of this journey. I even launched a podcast with her help! I'm now filled with confidence as an entrepreneur and have an unshakeable belief in the value of my work as a coach.

Annette Walker – Indiana

Rhonda did everything she said she would do and more. Her VIP program are what Annie Sullivan was to Helen Keller — the key that unlocked my coaching destiny. I was trying to build a do-it-yourself business and felt like a fish out of water. Solidifying my niche and writing client-winning web copy were among the highlights for me. And the bonus was an introduction to the world of podcasting. I give this program 5 STARS and highly recommend it to new and struggling coaches.

Lisa Gibson – Virginia

I took the plunge and invested in myself and my business by signing up for the VIP Program. It was worth every penny. I couldn't have launched my business without Rhonda's help. It's so exciting to tell people I am a business owner and I feel professional about it. The market research Rhonda had me do was so valuable for establishing my brand. Establishing a business is hard work, for sure, but it's so much easier when you have a plan and guidance. Thanks again, Rhonda.

Felicia Serano – Florida

Don't think about working with Rhonda, just do it! Rhonda was exactly what I was looking for in a business coach. When I wanted to revamp my business, she helped me set everything up, including perfecting my niche, writing business copy, re-launching my website, starting up my podcast and everything in between. She also guided me in making decisions I was on the fence about. What was most helpful is that she kept me in line with my purpose.

Tammy Meyer – Hawaii

It's a gift to have worked so closely with Rhonda. I could never have built on my own what Rhonda and I built together. I needed a high touch, one-to-one experience. She met me where I was, guided me with unwavering direction, assured me along the way, and saved me thousands of hours of time I would have otherwise spent misdirected. Not only do I feel confident in stepping out to serve my ideal clients, I learned so much by simply watching Rhonda be a master at what she does.

Kelly Phelan – Australia

I would definitely recommend her to new coaches wanting to get started on the right foot. I found Rhonda through her podcast and really appreciated her background and the insightful guidance she provided based on her 20+ years in the coaching industry. As her client, I learned a lot about how to strategically design my first coaching product and develop my initial messaging. Prior to working with Rhonda, I was rather aimless and disorganised in my approach, but she gave me a framework to follow that helped me figure out how to position myself and develop systems and processes for working with clients.

Mickey Thaxton – Maryland

Rhonda's program was an investment that generated results immediately. Her VIP program Coaching Business Breakthrough program gave me the assist I needed to leap from theory to practice. What I found right after graduating from my coaching program — which had prepared me to be an executive coach — was that I didn't have the knowledge or tools to create a coaching business. Fortunately, I found Rhonda. She helped me develop an entrepreneurial mindset, define my niche and create processes that helped me feel more confident.

Maria Natapov

Maria Natapov – Massachusetts

Rhonda is a wonderful mentor to have in your corner as she walks you through how to build your business foundation. Her VIP program gives you a wealth of knowledge, exercises, tips and tricks. Rhonda is authentic, candid and straightforward. She lovingly holds space for her clients. Her feedback is enormously valuable. She nudged me outside my comfort zone in reasonable increments so it was empowering not overwhelming. She helped me move past all the pesky mindset bumps of being a new entrepreneur. I can't recommend her highly enough!

Kendrea Tannis – Texas

Great investment that has already begun to pay dividends! Working with Rhonda was exactly what I needed as I launched my business. Rhonda quickly helped me finalize my target market, core message, and signature system, all of which gave me the confidence to begin working with clients immediately. Rhonda listened well, validated my concerns, and was flexible as my needs changed towards the end of the program. Without her assistance, I would not have been able to launch as quickly and as efficiently as I did.

Odell Anderson – Georgia

Without a doubt, the personalized 1-on-1 attention was well worth the investment! After listening to Rhonda's podcast and having a strategy session with her, I finally built up the nerve — and the financial reserves — to click the certainty button and work with Rhonda in her VIP program. She shared her wisdom and expertise with care, while inspiring me to make things happen, celebrate the wins and raise my energy. I’ve launched my business with confidence and feel very well-positioned to make it the success I dream of.

Mary Kinsella

Mary Kinsella – Ohio

I'm over-satisfied and energized! I loved Rhonda's teaching approach and personal touch. Her program is established on proven philosophy and extensive experience with easy-to-follow guides and an organized systems to make business building tasks easier. A great example is her podcast publishing guide which shrinks an enormous project into a straightforward process. I'm amazed at my progress and how far my business has come! Thanks to Rhonda I feel much more prepared and confident for working with clients and handling my business. I'm really glad I made the investment.

Shami Anand – Boston

There is not a question in my mind that working with Rhonda was a solid investment. I wouldn't be anywhere near close to where I am had it not been for her expertise, guidance, proven process and patience! I feel so ready ... I am confident in my Signature Program and I genuinely love my website. I so appreciate the disciplined process we followed throughout the 5 month VIP program. I will continue to look to Rhonda as an advisor and mentor as I grow my business.

Mary Worthington – Boston

I highly recommend Rhonda. She is a rare find! Working with Rhonda was an incredible learning experience. I am so grateful for her program, candor, guidance and wisdom. What we accomplished is more than I hoped for. I absolutely could not have done it without her. With Rhonda’s expertise I defined my coaching niche, created a meaningful and impactful program for clients, wrote copy for a website, became a podcaster and much more. The learning curve was steep and I was often pushed out of my comfort zone but that’s just what I wanted. At the end of our time I was ready and thrilled to be launching my new business!

Danielle Jernigan – Indiana

Your program has changed my life: the way I look at myself and the way I want to show up in the world. You reconnected me to what I'm naturally good at and in a way, I have re-birthed myself. Developing my podcast is so exciting — I'm finding my voice. You helped me get over being a perfectionist and shoot for good enough. I love how you pull from so many different disciplines. I love how spirit-filled you are. Your VIP program helped me show up and trust myself!

Barbara K. Andersen – Denmark

I’ve looked forward to every single session where Rhonda has helped me move forward with a combination of kind words and understanding - and a wealth of tips and tricks. My new coaching niche is my passion project and Rhonda’s methodic, structured and detailed step-by-step support made the development of key elements such as web copy, freebie, program development and pricing feel much more doable and a lot less like a struggle. I literally could not have pulled this off without Rhonda!

Deanna Bryant – Tennessee

Rhonda delivers what she promises and is worth every penny. Working with Rhonda has been the best decision I've made for my coaching business. She walked me through each step of the process with her vast knowledge and teaching skill. Her encouragement and patience were what kept me believing that I could do what seemed impossible. It was a relief to know that I was not alone in the process but guided by an expert.

Mona Abow – Canada

Well worth the investment! I knew I had to invest in Rhonda as a start up cost. She took the confusion out all the steps to build a solid foundation for my coaching business. Rhonda was always generous with her time offering unlimited guidance and support. And her word-smithing skills are so impressive! She consistently gave me honest, constructive feedback and motivated me to my best work. Working with Rhonda has given me confidence knowing my business is properly set up.

Alyssa Farber – Seattle

I recommend Rhonda and her podcast to every coach I know. After graduating from my coaching program I was overwhelmed by the idea of selling coaching to everyone. As an introvert this approach didn't align with who I am. Then I found Prosperous Coach Podcast and knew that Rhonda was speaking my language. Working with Rhonda I've not only developed a profitable coaching niche, I've also learned to trust my voice and take risks to put myself into the world. Rhonda's patience, consistency and willingness to be real with me made the difference.

Lee Koles – Ohio

Hire Rhonda and feel your confidence and business grow! What would I have done without Rhonda? I reached out to her after I earned my certification. I was stumped as to which coaching niche to choose. Rhonda deftly helped me break through mental roadblocks to identify a strong, viable coaching niche that was perfect for me. Her influence didn't stop there. Rhonda taught me how to set up a beautiful client-winning website, nurturing me every step of the way.

Kate Minogue – Switzerland

The level of support Rhonda provided really did make me feel like a VIP under the guidance of an expert. As a coach just getting started, working with Rhonda is the best investment I could have made. When someone asks me what I do, thanks to Rhonda, I can answer clearly and confidently in a way that anyone can understand. Looking at everything we accomplished together — identifying my audience, niche, building a website, writing blogs, creating a freebie — there is *no way* all this would have happened on my own. In addition to her formidable business/writing/marketing skills, Rhonda's an invaluable coach for working through the inner challenges that entrepreneurship can bring up.

Kate Minogue - Switzerland

Audra Byrne – Colorado

Now, I feel connected and confident about what I'm doing and the target audience I serve. Before working with Rhonda, I was spinning my wheels as a new coach and getting nowhere. Through Rhonda’s amazing mentorship, I pulled all my gifts together into a coaching niche that is credible. My favorite part of having a narrow niche is really understanding who I am, what I do and creating a streamlined way of presenting my services. Thank you, Rhonda, for being the best launching pad ever! You’re the best investment I’ve ever made in my professional development.

Audra Byrne - Colorado

Nicolette Wilson-Clarke – UK

Rhonda's knowledge is valuable and your investment in her will last you a lifetime. She's been my 'go-to' person when I need support for optimal results in my business. One of the many learnings during our time together is how systems within my business can positively generate client interest and weed out time-wasters allowing me focused time with real potential clients. Rhonda's patience, professionalism, compassion and expertise guided me. If you're looking to create a business that gives you structure, profit and has success written all over it then I highly recommend Rhonda!

Nicolette Wilson-Clarke - UK

Nan Crawford

Nan Crawford – California

My business has grown substantially. Rhonda is a passionate advocate and savvy advisor who has helped me focus my business, my marketing and most importantly, my energy. I was getting great results with the clients I had, but was struggling to build my business. My efforts to attract and land new clients were scattered. Rhonda helped me look at my interests, passions and toolbox, plus my work experience to land a coaching niche that's not only a joy for me but far more lucrative than my original approach. I coach bold women leaders to step onto a bigger stage. I have been focusing on this niche for the last 7 years and have had extraordinary opportunity to be of service to a driven and dynamic group of clients. I am deeply grateful for her insight, wisdom, encouragement and guidance.

Nan Crawford - California

Shawna Warner

Shawna Warner – Colorado

Rhonda, you are more than a smart investment ... you are a blessing to me and the coaching industry. I could not have built my coaching business without you! You helped me discover a coaching niche that feels authentic, create a signature program with copy that speaks to my audience in a powerful way, manage the web design process, develop a valuable freebie, write compelling blogs. AND you steered me in the right direction with your multitude of helpful coaching tools -- even when my negative thought crept in. Your approach, patience and brilliant ability to streamline my ideas into valuable services for my clients is truly a gift.

Shawna Warner - Colorado

Caroline Adams

Caroline Adams – New York

Rhonda is the consummate coach's coach. I worked with Rhonda to refine my coaching niche and develop a cohesive marketing approach. When I met Rhonda, I really didn't understand even the basics of marketing. Now, I know how to authentically connect with the right clients on a regular basis. While her program is full of actionable information about building and marketing profitable coaching packages for your coaching niche, Rhonda also helped me build the confidence and competence to turn my side hustle into a successful full-time business.

Caroline Adams - New York

Anna Dianova – Austria

Rhonda's mentoring process is well-structured and focused on what really matters. She offers a wealth of techniques, information and tips for coaches - from setting up business basics to mastering marketing and client relationships as well as developing high-value products. She really sets the bar for coaches to aspire to! One of the most valuable lessons I learnt from Rhonda is to go with what works and what's viable rather than with what seems fancy.

Anna Dianova - Austria

Pam Sarubbi

Pam Sarubbi – Georgia

You gave me so much personal attention, I felt like I was your only client. Rhonda, thank you for helping me solidify my coaching niche, brand my business and create a website that speaks to my target audience. You partnered with me through every step and project, always honoring my unique personality and skills. You were just as invested as I was in my goals. I never had to wait until our next call to get answers or support!

Pam Sarubbi - Georgia

Matt Hattersley – UK

Rhonda's coaching skills were what made all the difference and her gentle manner and dedication was so valuable. She has a very calm yet thorough way of working which was incredibly beneficial. Finding a coaching niche was always something that had eluded me, yet I knew it was an important next step for my practice. Working with Rhonda made this process of discovery fun and engaging. She is a great niche strategist and business coach. Its clear Rhonda comes from a place of service and she really cares about her clients and their success.

Matt Hattersley - UK

Eve Pollak – Colorado

Thanks to Rhonda I have a steady flow of clients coming in that are a perfect fit for me. Based on the first quarter, I’m projecting a 50% increase in my earnings this year. Business Coaching with Rhonda was the ideal solution to shift my business from surviving to thriving! She helped me define my niche and her website marketing strategies. My confidence has increased because my business is finally focused on the work that I love and I’m earning higher rates. Working with Rhonda is a great investment!

Eve Pollak - Colorado

Kim Meninger – Massachusetts

In a short time my coaching practice has transformed into a more lucrative, fun and reliable business. I’m working smarter without working more hours and enrolling more clients at higher fees. Rhonda helped me focus and streamline my niche, branding, website, coaching programs and marketing strategies so they all work in concert. It’s raised my confidence about the value of my services significantly. And my income is already 5x greater than last year!

Kim Meninger - Massachusetts

Liz Trocchio – Texas

Rhonda exceeded all of my expectations. Right after I received my certification as an executive coach, I was recommended to Rhonda to help me with finding my way in a new career!  She helped me determine my specific coaching niche, set up my web site and support me as I launched my new business. She understood the challenges I faced and was amazing as a sounding board, colleague and coach. I continue to utilize her as my business grows and endorse her completely!

Liz Trocchio - Texas

Iftikhar Nadeem – Saudi Arabia

Rhonda, you made everything so simple for me to accomplish. I appreciate the way you review and finesse everything. Thanks for listening to my heart. You are a great coach.

Iftikhar Nadeem - Saudi Arabia

Angela Jiggetts

Angela Jiggetts – DC

Having a business mentor/coach transformed my life. Rhonda’s expertise is one of the best investments I’ve made in this lifetime. Before I began working privately with Rhonda, I only dreamt of having a dedicated mentor who would guide me through a journey of uncertainties to joyfully reaching my big end goals. She helped me choose a target niche that I truly enjoy. We worked together to create compelling web content, a valuable freebie and a signature system that I know my target audience wants. Rhonda’s private mentoring transformed me from a successful government employee into a smart CEO of my own prosperous coaching business. Now I’m engaged in work that is powerful and enlivening.

Angela Jiggetts - DC

Scott McKimmy

Scott McKimmy – Colorado

If you want to get serious about a business then you need to invest in an expert. I whole-heartedly recommend Rhonda. Before I began working with her the results I longed for were missing. Rhonda very quickly focused me on my niche, target audience and branding. As that solidified, it blossomed into a wonderful website where I have a client attraction strategy with professional collaterals and a clear signature system.

Scott McKimmy - Colorado