4 Ways to Choose Your Coaching Niche

stand out in the crowdCoaches are more business savvy than they used to be. Now, every coach knows that when you land a smart coaching niche, all the doors of opportunity open up and prosperity flows in. It solves so many problems:

  • It’s easier to enroll clients without being salesy.
  • It clues you in about how to connect with future clients.
  • With many niches, you can charge more and clients will stay longer.
  • You can move beyond your region into international coaching.
  • All your efforts can be leveraged for a bigger impact and result.

And, if you choose wisely, you quickly become a coach in high demand. That means you earn more, coach more, and marketless. That’s the way I like to do it.

6 Easy Copy Writing Tips for Coaches

https://prosperouscoachblog.com/6-easy-copy-writing-tips-coachesAre you intimidated by the idea of writing your own freebies, marketing emails, and web content?

I used to find those daunting too until I learned the root of ace marketing copy: write to intrigue rather than impress.

When you want to inspire potential coaching clients to take the next step with you, aim to build a relationship and raise curiosity first. Take the spotlight off of you and your coaching “technology” and place it on your target audience.

Here are six more tried and true copy writing tips that will help you write in a way that’s both authentic and effective:

#1 Write like you speak

When to Say No to Coaching Business Opportunities

Sometimes it’s a smarter move to say ‘NO’ to a new client or opportunity.

But how do you know when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’? And, what’s the difference between a good opportunity and the RIGHT opportunity for you?

https://prosperouscoachblog.com/coaching-business-opportunitiesThe right opportunities will align with:

  • Your values and strengths.
  • Your work-style preferences.
  • Your business model and vision.

Factor those things into a set of “success criteria”  as a way to filter out your best opportunities before you commit.

5 Things That Inspire Coaching Clients to Enroll with You

Have you ever felt like your potential clients are giving you a mixed message? They grab up all your free stuff — your irresistible offers, free discovery sessions, articles and other goodies — but too few hire you, buy your products, or enroll in your programs.

It’s clear they need help. They seem to be attracted to you and your message. So what’s missing?

They aren’t properly motivated to invest in what you’re offering. All 5 of these things must be aligned for your prospect to say YES to you!

1. They truly want the outcome you’ll help them reach.https://prosperouscoachblog.com5-inspire-coaching-clients-enroll/

Are you speaking clearly to exactly what they most want? This is easy if you’ve niched to a unique target audience. If you’re selling what you do — coaching — you’ve failed to provide a link to an outcome they want. Draw out of your prospects the specific tangible and emotional outcomes they most want, then speak to how your coaching or program helps them get there. A set of powerful questions asked during enrollment helps them tap into what they really want with all of their heart.

10 Powerful Questions to Enroll Coaching Clients Everytime

The secret is to enrolling more coaching clients is surprising. Don’t coach them in the Discovery Session.

https://prosperouscoachblog.com/powerful-questions-enroll-coaching-clients/Many coaches find their prospective clients walk away from a sample coaching session feeling “done”. It may be because a sample session is oriented around selling coaching rather than attracting the individual to what they already know they want — the vision of their ideal future.

If you want to transform your ability to enroll new clients, engage them in their own story and vision. Help them feel the gap between where they are now and where they want to be. Then tell them how you can help them close that gap.

How to be sure your clients come back for more

What’s better than a new client? A repeat client.

It may seem strange to look at it this way… whereas new clients come at a cost, including the time and energy it takes to market and set them up, repeat clients are cost-free. You’ve already built rapport and results. You already know their strengths and opportunities.

I’m lucky that most of my clients come back repeatedly for more support and I’ve designed my business to make it an easy choice for them.

Are you doing all you can to bring your clients back to you for more?

https://prosperouscoachblog.com/clients-come-back/3 Simple Steps = More Repeat Clients

1. Make it a part of your business model.

Design a natural flow with all your programs that drives clients to your next step. Create a funnel or pyramid of programs where the first one builds to the next.

A proven method for increasing the number of people who hire you

This is a guest post by my friend, the enrollment expert, Bill Baren.

One of the things that often happens at the end of a consultation is your potential client says something like “I have to talk to my husband first” or “I have to consult my partner” or “I have to look at my budget first.”

This basically means that they can’t make the decision right now on the spot without consulting someone else or checking their finances.

I want to give you a power tip what you can do to make sure that this “I have to check with something first” situation results in a new client for you.

Power Tip: Be sure to set up a “follow-up” call with your potential client right away.

proven method for increasing the number of people who hire youYou can ask them: How long do you need in order to talk to your husband/your business partner or check your budget?

And then schedule a follow-up call at that time.

Be sure to also acknowledge their reason for not being able to decide now, and let them know that you honor that.

For example, you might say something like “Joanne, I really respect the fact you want to check with your husband first on this important decision. Why don’t we schedule a short follow-up call and I can answer any questions you have if you’re still trying to make a decision.”

If there is an additional person involved in the decision – such as a spouse or business partner – you might also send your potential client a web link or a brochure that outlines the benefits of working with you, so they can share it with the other decision-maker.  You can also coach your potential client to get clear on the top 3 benefits of working with you, so that they can clearly communicate it. It’s a way to ensure that the value of your work doesn’t get lost in the translation.

Here’s another reason for scheduling a follow-up call:

First of all, most people will say yes to a follow-up call.  And with that call you are creating accountability in helping them make the decision.  And that’s huge because left to our own devices we can prolong not making a decision for a while.  And remember the longer you allow your potential client to think about it, the more likely that the inspiration of the consultation is going to fade.  So schedule the follow-up call for as soon as you can so that the decision is being made when your potential client is still inspired by the conversation you’ve just had.

Now if you don’t arrange for a follow-up, chances are you’ll never hear from them again.

So if you aren’t scheduling follow up calls when your potential client needs to think more before making a decision, you’re potentially losing out on a significant number of clients.

YOUR PRACTICE – next time you have a conversation with a client where they can’t make up their mind to hire you on the spot, schedule a follow-up call and see what happens to your results.

Want more free help with this?  To learn his secrets to easily enrolling high-paying clients and how to conduct a follow-up conversation with a potential client you can access his free training webinar at: http://www.billbaren.com/webinar-rhonda.

About The Author: Bill Baren loves that he gets to impact the lives of thousands of service business owners worldwide with his simple enrollment strategies that help them generate more income, get clients on demand, and change the world one person at a time.  And what’s cool is that he’s built a million dollar business doing this.


7 Keys to Host Your Own Giveaway Event and Build a Massive List – by Erika Kalmar

Guest post by my friend, Erika Kalmar

Building a big responsive list is key to selling your programs and products.

But the question is – how do you build a big responsive list?

If this is also your challenge – don’t worry, you’re not alone! In fact, the majority of coaches and other service-based entrepreneurs experience this as their #1 obstacle.

Let me share with you my secret tool to massively growing my community – I used this tool to add over 2,000 people the first time and 3,000 the second time I’ve used it. All this, in 14 days each!

Not bad, is it?

The magic tool I’ve used is – organizing giveaway events.

There are many reasons why I think you should add giveaway events to your marketing strategy, no matter where you stand with your business right now:

  • It’s free
  • You can add a massive number of targeted people to your list in just 14 days or less