Ep 23 – Three Ways to Quickly Build Confidence As a Coach

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Show Notes

This episode is all about confidence. And, it’s part of the Smart Mindsets & Habits series.

If you’re struggling with your mindset, there’s help for you in this series.   And soon, I’ll be focusing on the habits part because smart mindsets and habits are the dynamic duo for leaping forward in your coaching business.

A shout out to Mona, a listener, who said: I have been enjoying listening to your podcast. I find it a very genuine-inspirational resource.  Thank you for offering such AMAZING content! I always look forward to the next episode!

Thank you, Mona! I appreciate you for your classy note to me.

And a quick request for everyone listening, please help other coaches find my podcast. It’s easy to share any episode whether you’re listening on my website or on a podcast app. I appreciate you for being a resource to other coaches! Let’s help each other on this journey.

Elusive and Much Sought After

Confidence is kind of a squishy and sometimes elusive thing. Especially when you’re a new coach, just starting to build your business. Or if new to any type of undertaking.

Building your coaching business from the ground up is a marathon not a sprint. It really take time and brain power and creativity. It can feel like a roller coaster and the Imposter Syndrome is in your face a lot. You’re alternately elated then stuck then overwhelmed.

I totally get it.

I’ll tell you, I’ve only been podcasting for 5 months. The learning curve is super steep. I’m still a bit green, learning how to improve audio quality, plan well, get it all done, content upgrades, getting more people to my show… on and on.

So my confidence level is like the tides, ebbing and flowing. And sometimes it ebbs so far out so that I cannot hardly feel it at all! And then I get a high tide where I’m feeling pretty good. You know, I think I’m doing pretty well.

I’m really lucky to be a part of a support group that keeps me going.

And by the way I just launched Prosperous Coach Club, which is a Facebook support group for new coaches. We’d love to have you join into the excellent conversations there about how to get clients, accomplish weekly goals, technology recommendations — all sorts of topics. It’s a place that you can be vulnerable and gain confidence!

So confidence comes and goes.

Do you know what comes before confidence? The pre-cursor if you will?

Courage Is the Precursor to Confidence

See, you can summon courage anytime. It’s there in a deep reservoir within you.

And courage is what motivates you, keeps you moving, keeps you growing.  It helps you cross the thresholds of all the firsts.

My first podcast episode was terrifying. And now I’m 23 episodes in. Still feeling a bit squidgy about certain aspects of it. But I’m doing it! Courage is what helps me do this thing.

With courage over time confidence arrives.

So I promised you in this episode 3 things to quickly build your confidence … the first is summon courage.

And when you bravely take those first steps, you’re willing to do what’s difficult, what’s scary … your confidence is then born out of that.

One of my current clients is in the Market Research phase of developing her coaching business. I talked about market research in my last episode. If you haven’t heard that yet, it’s worth a listen.

I’m so proud of her because it can feel a bit daunting doing the interviews.

But even though she confessed to not feeling confident, she dove in.

Within a week she’d done 5 interviews and a lot of really valuable information that’s going to assist every aspect of her business — from what copy is on her website, to what her program is all about, to how she’ll market — is coming from that market research. So it’s really critical.

Then we made a little adjustment to her approach and she’s off and running with her next interviews.

To complete that task my client had to raise her courage because there was no basis yet for confidence on that particular task. So see, you can’t have confidence about something you’ve never done before.

But she could draw on confidence from her skills. So we spent a little time in a session talking about her assets that she brings to this task. She’s articulate, open and accessible, deeply caring and curious about people. So I knew that she’d put her interviewees at ease very quickly.

I knew she’d ace it.

I was totally confident in her abilities. Which is easy for me, right? Because I’m on the outside looking in seeing her brilliance. But she couldn’t immediately see it.

And that’s the second thing that quickly builds your confidence … realizing your gifts.

Remember Your Gifts

Sometimes human beings forget who they are. Lack of confidence is often about forgetting or refusing to acknowledge all that you are.

Even though I’ve been an entrepreneur for 20 years, which alone is a huge feat. And that I’ve been financially successful helping other coaches build their businesses for 17 years … I sometimes forget my gifts, my skills and expertise.

But then I remember. Or someone helps me remember.

You know when people say “YOU’VE GOT THIS!” Well, that’s encouragement  for you to remember your gifts — all that you bring to the table.

And confidence is there.

Here’s a little exercise for you.

Put aside 30 minutes of quiet time and do nothing else in that time except remember.

  • Remember how you got to where you are now.
  • Remember all the things you’ve learned and accomplished. Start early in childhood. There’s so much.
  • And, most importantly, remember your essence.

If you strip away all the training, all the education you’ve gotten in the school of hard knocks — your wisdom …

Even if you take away all the friends, the beloveds that surround you …

Even if you take away the things in your life — your home, your clothes, your car — which you earned …

What’s left is your essence. That precious, singular substance that is your gift to the world. You came here with it. No one gave it to you. You own it. It’s yours and it’s never going away.

Write it all down. Remember who you are, what you’ve done, how you got here. There’s loads of confidence in there and if you don’t think so, get a friend to help you with this exercise.

Something in you is trying to deny it but, darlin’, you are innately valuable. And you have also earned tremendous value in this life.

So when I’m not feeling confident, I remember who I am and how I got here. And by the way, I’m no saint. I make mistakes all the time. I wasn’t a straight A student. I’ve experienced failures and set backs. But that doesn’t matter. Because I’m innately valuable AND I’ve done a fork-load of amazing things in this life.

You have too.

Knowing Your Audience and Offering Them What They Know They Want

What’s the 3rd way to quickly build confidence?

I’m going to bring this in to the circumstances you’re in right now. You’re building your coaching business. How can you specifically build confidence for that?

I have this honored role with my clients. You have it too with your clients. And that is that I get to watch them go from alone, confused and lost to — in ever widening circles — become more clear, more confident and more competent in what their doing.

And I know that one source of that confidence is knowing well who my clients serve, what their audience wants and what inspires that audience to buy what they’re offering — which by the way is far more than coaching. It’s knowing that the program they’re offering is custom made for their audience and it’s priced to bring the coach a satisfying income without having to have 100’s of clients every year.

So what I’m saying here, is that you can reach for and gain a ton of confidence in building and having a solid foundation for your business. And it’s something so many coaches step over.

So this my mission, ya’ll, to help more and more of you get that solid foundation so that you can spring from that into the world and attract clients that you’ll love and who will pay you well.

Every now and then I open the door to a few new coaches to have a free ON AIR COACHING session with me. In that session we’ll help you niche down by figuring out a viable narrow audience for you and starting the process to isolate what they want.

So that door is now open for a short amount of time.

You’re a good candidate for that free On Air Coaching Session if you are just getting started and don’t feel solid about your niche just yet.

The Next Episode is an On Air Coaching Session where you get to listen in as a I coach a coach to choose a viable target audience. Fun! It’s called Choosing a Viable Target Audience for Your Coaching Business