Ep 1 – Why You Get Stuck After Coach Training

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Show Notes

This episode is part of the Start Smart Series. It’s about the 4 main reasons why you (and every one) gets stuck and how to snap out of it with a quick cure.

Woohoo! You’ve graduated from coach training. I hope you celebrated your huge accomplishment, because it IS a big deal.

But now it’s getting real. You have to choose your coaching niche, create your brand, messages and programs, launch a website and … find paying clients.

Your school glossed over this stuff. No one told you that this phase — startup — is actually more involved than learning how to coach.

In fact, even though you’ve been transforming yourself during the course, these business focused learning curves are more numerous and steep. But you don’t have to rush through it. Find your own pace.

The program gave you structure, a set schedule, and a mentor to guide you.

Now you have to make the big shift from student coach mode to professional mode.

Social media isn’t just social any more. And there are other roles to learn now, such as how to create content — a blog, a podcast — and how to be an authentic but effective marketer.

And what happens next?

Imposter Syndrome dims your passion

You’re thinking …

Who am I to coach anyone?
Why would anyone hire me?
I don’t have any expertise!

And worse, you start comparing …

Everyone else has their act together.
What’s wrong with me?

NOTHING is wrong with you. And does everyone else really have their act together? No. It’s a ruse.

The truth is everyone is a hot mess every time they hit new territory.

That’s because caution sets in and the Risk Manager inside our heads starts pulling alarm bells. And then, it’s time to freeze and hide!

Really, I want you to get this. You are not alone in feeling like an imposter. I’m going through it right now as I learn how to podcast!

You’ll surge forward again. I promise. Still, the stuck place will come up now and again as you grow so it’s good to have a few ways to normalize it and reduce the effects.

For the imposter thing, the salve is to think like a kid.

Kids are just so excited to be doing stuff even if they do it badly. They’ll fall on their bum and just get right back up because … they don’t have this big developed brain that compares how them to others. They have almost endless capacity for experimenting.

Also, don’t forget that YOU’VE GOT SKILLS!

Really, you may feel like a beginner in lots of ways but you’ve forgotten how good you are at so many other things. Own it!

Recognize that every little step you take is a victory — a little legitimizing moment on your way to greatness (again). When you’re focusing on your past accomplishments the inner critic gets bored and takes a long nap.

What else makes you stuck?

Trying to do everything on your own slows you down

Community is critical at the startup phase.

There are 2 types of support that will help you launch with confidence:

  1. a peer group of coaches
  2. and a single mentor to help you set up your foundation for your unique stand out coaching business

Remember, this is the time to set yourself up for success — your niche, your audience and the specific problem you solve for them, your branding, messaging and offers. It’s a package of creative decisions. You deserve strategizing support.

It’s tempting, but don’t just do what all the other coaches do. (I’ll be talking soon about How to Avoid 5 Mistakes Coaches Make).

Coaching is not a one size fits all type of business.

It’s personal and needs to be customized, not only to you and your secret sauce, but also to your coaching audience and what they want so much they’ll invest in your help to get it.

Which brings us to another common reason …

Overwhelm will get you stuck fast

Think about it. Have you been …

  • joining too many groups?
  • getting on too many lists?
  • jumping onto all the free webinars?
  • buying programs that are too advanced for your stage of business?

The truth is you won’t be able to apply all that you learn from those things without having your business foundation firmly set.

Consider turning off the faucet or at least slowing it down to a manageable trickle. Incremental learning gives you an ever expanding comfort zone and that feels good! No more overwhelm.

This is creation time. It’s a bit like being pregnant. (Sorry guys!)

Your coaching business is developing — much of it below the surface. But you don’t want to push it out too fast. If you throw up a cookie cutter website that’s all about coaching you’ll simply find yourself redoing it. Be mindful and patient for a healthy launch.

And that brings us to the last big reason for stuck-ness …

Some life events will derail you

It could be a family emergency, a health issue or even something as benign as the holidays. These things will always slow your momentum. But starting from a dead stop is nearly impossible without a plan or some sort of help.

The trick is, if you can, keep a toe in your business during these events. Do one thing every day. It will help you build up your momentum fast after the derailing event is over.

Okay. Are you ready to get UNSTUCK? You can do it!

The Next Episode is: What It Takes To Be Successful In Your Coaching Business.

Joel Bass created my theme music. Thanks Joel!