This episode is about why you (and every new coach) get stuck and 4 ways to breakthrough to forward momentum again. Find the full transcript at

You’ve been learning a lot, cramming coaching techniques into your head and transforming yourself from the inside out. Coach training sets the pace and you keep on going until you graduate and stuff gets REAL!

It’s time to shift from student coach mode to professional coach mode. They are very different states of mind and practice. Learning curves accelerate because the business side of coaching is more complex than the coaching skills side.

And suddenly you’re stuck. The best thing to do is get back into strategic action as soon as you can. However, if you don’t exactly know what to do you’re still stuck. I’ll address that in a minute.

All Coaches Feel the Imposter Syndrome

Also you may have a mental block and feel you’re not worthy. Imposter Syndrome is one of the main reasons new coaches get stuck.

So the first way to get unstuck is to acknowledge that this is a familiar place. You’ve felt this before and you’re not alone here. There’s nothing wrong with you.

Consider your many skills and accomplishments that brought you here. You’re an intelligent, talented and thoughtful human being. Now get into the habit of giving yourself a pat on the back for whatever you learn or take action on.

You’ll feel instantly better.

Creating Your Coaching Business Alone is Discouraging

The second reason you get stuck is trying to do everything on your own. And this gets back to that issue of not knowing what to do.

Overwhelm is a courage and momentum killer. Chances are, you’re literally drowning in information overload right now. You’re plucking bits of advice from here and there and none of it really fits together.

There’s this mountain to climb and it looks like it’s going to take years, so you are tempted to give up … just slide back into your old life.

But then shame creeps in because you feel like you’ve wasted a lot of time and money on coach training. You can’t let yourself and your family down!

So here’s a rule … take a bit of information in, and then take some sort of action to integrate what you’ve learned. Incremental learning is going to give you an ever-expanding comfort zone and that feels good. And, consider sourcing your advice all from ONE place.

To get unstuck fast, find a coaching business mentor who can beeline you to where you want to go step by step so you’re not overwhelmed. Get every bit of your business foundation set up with someone holding your hand all the way.

You may now be thinking … “but I have to earn now before I spend any more money”. But what good will it do you if you spin your wheels trying to force yourself to know something that you can’t possibly know?

Take it from me, the road is hard, full of false-starts and bad moves doing everything on your own. With good help it’s a much more graceful experience.

Coaching Business Startup is the Critical Phase

See, right after coach training, the next developmental phase is Startup where, if you go it alone, you will spin your wheels and become totally frustrated.

And, you’ll take FAR longer to get to the financial success you want if you do what most coaches do — follow other coaches right off the cliff by doing what they do while not knowing if they are successful or not.

Have Your Coaching Goals Derailed?

The last main reason for stuck-ness is that something significant happens to derail you. It’s usually an event.

Holidays can do this and, of course, emergencies derail you too. If something sudden happens with your family, your body, your job or your environment you will be derailed from the path.

Here’s the thing … those events deserve your time and attention. So surrender to taking a bit of a hiatus. AND, if possible, do something small every day to keep you in the game of building your business.

Over the next several episodes we’ll be talking about ways to start smart with your coaching business. For now, how will you make the shift from being a student of coaching to being a business owner?

The Next Episode is: What It Takes To Be Successful In Your Coaching Business.