Where Coaches Find Confidence

Confidence is a funny thing. When you have it, you don’t notice it. But if it’s absent, you sorely miss it.

What coaches suffer from most is not a lack of coaching clients, opportunities or income. It’s a lack of confidence. When you’re missing confidence, all those things you’re wanting — clients, opportunities, income — seem to dwindle as well. And it’s a circular problem, because you’re hoping to gain confidence when you achieve what’s been elusive to you. But how will you muster the strength to achieve your goals if you’re feeling like you’re not competent?

What’s really going on here is a chronic discounting of all you’ve learned and all you’ve achieved already!

Time to Resurrect Your Self Trust

You’ve forgotten all those times you’ve nailed a goal, completed arduous tasks, touched someone’s life with your brilliance. You’ve forgotten all those dollars you’ve already earned. Somehow, those things aren’t enough to merit your confidence now.

It’s as if you are thinking… “If only I can get what I want right now, then I’ll deserve to be confident.” But what if confidence has nothing to do with achievement and everything to do with self trust and focus? Think about it. When you’re at purpose, when you’re certain of your path — even if it all lies ahead of you — confidence arrives. And it brings you courage to do what needs to be done.

You are intrinsically valuable in this world. If you set a steady course and follow it with heart, even if you stumble along the way, you’re still a hero! And you have all you need inside you to succeed as a coach.

Trust + Focus = Confidence

Trust that you’re on this hero’s journey because you belong here. Go after what you want with focus and purpose. That will boost your confidence.

To anchor your focus, choose a solid direction and leverage your time and resources. Most coaches get very weary of marketing before they’ve built enough visibility or credibility to keep the coaching clients flowing in. The solution is to target market.

Choosing your best niche market is a major turning point in your coaching career. But what you may not know is the ease, the grace, and yes… the confidence that comes to you when you make that choice.

Suddenly, it’s no longer about selling your coaching, it’s about listening to what your market wants. Listening is one of your top skills as a coach after all. And it’s no longer about chasing down people to convince them to hire you, it’s about opening your doors to the folks who seek out your coaching because they are attracted to you.

Choosing a viable market isn’t the only step you’ll need to take to reach coaching success. But it is a key fork in the road, that can make the difference between being an unknown and being in high demand as a coach.

There’s nothing you have to know. And you’ll find you market less but get better results. When they see your coaching as an essential tool for their life success, you’ll have clients lining up to work with you.

If you want help or more information about this topic, check out my step-by-step system exclusively for coaches who are ready to niche with confidence Your Highly Profitable Niche:

I’ll walk you through five simple and fool-proof exercises to help you choose the perfect niche market for you.


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4 thoughts on “Where Coaches Find Confidence

  1. Rhonda,

    I think this week’s posting is right on the money, especially for coaches just beginning their practices. It is so easy to become overwhelmed and forget “who you already are” when you are stepping into new territory. Being in the role of a novice again can sometimes cause us to shrink instead of standing in the place of power we started from. Thank you for your timely encouragement and, as usual, the Power Path call this week sent me zooming away with fresh momentum.

  2. I fully agree Rhonda. It ALL starts with self. When I started my coaching course I did the smartest thing ever and got me a coach.

    From “Who am I to coach someone, I’m so new at this to” she championed me solidly into “Who am I NOT to coach people – I have so much to offer and am already qualified just by virtue of being me”. Believing in myself and my readiness to be a coach has been key to growing even more confident everyday as a result.

    It’s also about remembering service. We coach to be of service to people so a healthy self confidence devoid of ego is what best serves others. So develop it and watch yourself prosper 🙂

    Thanks! Tia @TiaSparkles

    Coach T.I.A – Coaching You to Take Inspired Action!’s last blog post..Detox Your Body, Thoughts and Life

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