Ep 196 – 8 Smart Moves to Become a Coach in High Demand

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Episode Transcript

This episode may surprise you. And I think that you will want to see the full transcript for this episode so you can make shifts in your mindset and business approach.

A coach once asked me a shocking question in a Strategy Session. She said: “When will I know that I’ve failed at this and should just go get a job?”

All sorts of thoughts and feelings went through my mind – mostly sadness because it felt like she’d given up on herself before she had even launched her coaching business. But I understood where she was coming from.

We went on to have an excellent coaching conversation. And her takeaway is really important

for all coaches in the first 3 years of their coaching business …

Success is not an all or nothing proposition.

No one reaches their full potential and ultimate success in one step or even 10 steps or even 100 steps. If we did, we’d all be miserable, arrogant louts who would spend the rest of our days doing nothing because … what’s the point?

Everyone, including the most famous successful people in the world found the success you know about by:

  1. Trying something
  2. Making mistakes
  3. Getting frustrated
  4. Trying something with a better mindset or approach
  5. Having incremental wins and failures.

Success is staying the course, marshaling your mindset and finetuning your approach.

And here’s something else you might know deep down but have forgotten. A business owner doesn’t reach the pinnacle and stay there. You reach a pinnacle and might be able to coast for a while, and then you are asked to innovate and make new shifts to find your growth cycle.

By telling you this, what I’m hoping is that you’ll stop comparing yourself to others, raise awareness of where you are appropriately on the developmental path and be patient with the process while also having unstoppable determination.

And that’s the first of the eight smart moves to become a coach in high demand:

#1 Ask Yourself Repeatedly for Patience and Determination

Anything worth doing takes time. Look, this is YOUR time, your gig. You are privileged to be able to launch your own business and to help other people do their hard but worthwhile thing.

Prove to yourself that you can stay the course even during times when there’s no proof that anything is happening.

Be honest …

  • You are DONE with working for someone else!
  • Tell yourself you WILL do this. Be unstoppable.
  • See yourself as the HERO of your own movie.
  • Realize how PROUD you will feel taking this road less traveled.

#2 Get a Smart Start with One Expert

I would have saved so much time, money and heartache if I had afforded myself a mentor. Instead, I simply followed what coaches around me were doing and bought every bright shiny training program until I realized those methods were not helping me earn well.

Hire one business coach for coaches who has a high touch system to help you create a solid niche, business model and foundation. If you connect with what I share in Prosperous Coach Podcast, you and I are an ideal fit. I’d love to help you in my VIP Coaching Business Breakthrough, which is just you & I doing everything together. You deserve this.

#3 Niche Around Your Audience’s Biggest Problem and Goal

The viability of your audience and niche is the CENTERPIECE of your stability as a coach. By acing this first step you will stand out in the crowd and become well known. Too many coaches step over or do only half of this step and it leaves them a best kept secret.

#4 Do 3 High Payoff Actions First Thing Every Day

A high payoff action makes you squirm. It is specific direct actions such as contacting a potential client, having Discovery Calls to enroll clients and building relationships with centers of influence in your specific niche.

Posting on social media or speaking where your audience is not likely to be are not high payoff actions. If you are doing only the safe, low touch things, you are not giving yourself a fighting chance.


Do 3 high payoff actions every day for the next 3 months

and notice the difference in your attitude, clientele and income.

#5 Charge Enough to Inspire Investment

I feel so sad when coaches tell me they are barely making it and I find out they are coaching for free or low fees. If this is you, STOP! Every new coach can earn well early on. Consider what you bring to the table and think of your new coaching skills as a cherry on top of your vast experiences and knowledge.

Graduate from student mode quickly. Stop charging by the session or month and develop a Signature Program. Charge fees that will allow you to work with a small number of 1:1 clients each year. For me, that’s just 20 clients. Working with fewer clients means you’ll market less.

I also offer a Strategy Session – a 90-minute session to help coaches brainstorm one pinpointed thing that’s been in the way for them. But I keep most of my energy for hand holding with just 20 coaches each year in my 5-month VIP program. It’s low labor, high touch, high meaning and profits. You can do this too in your business as a 2nd income stream.

#6 Consistently Publish Unique Content

Standing out matters here too. If your blogs, podcast episodes, videos and social posts sound like every other coach’s. Develop your unique voice, insights, system and get out there with it. That’s how you attract ideal clients who already KNOW they want to HIRE YOU!

#7 Stay Streamlined

Choose wisely where you put your time and energy. Control your calendar and do only the most strategic things. Hold your boundaries. Act AS IF you are already in high demand and soon you will be.

#8 Look for the Best Networking Platform

A platform is a kind of stage that allows you to reliably reach more high-quality leads in your target audience. Because I wrote curriculum for a major coach training organization, that puts my name and podcast in front of hundreds of new coaches every day.

Your platform could be a professional relationship with a well-established organization or individual who has access to a lot of people in your target audience. They see something in you that fills a hole in their offers with your unique perspective or approach. They want to share you with their community. And that’s the golden ticket!

Okay … that was the 8 smart moves. Take these ASAP. And remember, I believe in you! Incremental wins are what success is all about.