Starting a coaching business is no small feat and you want to do it right the first time.

You know yourself … you want hand holding with an expert to walk you through every step of launching so you don’t have to stress.

No more slogging through self study guides trying to implement everything on your own not knowing if it will be effective.

You want someone kind and knowledgeable to hold you accountable but also guide you to what works while respecting your unique style.

That’s where I come in.

If I were to start my own coaching business today, I’d bypass all those confusing online programs and masterminds. I’d go straight for VIP mentoring to get everything right the first time.

I understand the territory you’re in. I’ve been a coach myself since 1997. For 18 years I’ve helped coaches earn more and market less by developing a smart & profitable coaching niche. I’m a master at making the complex simple.

My zone of genius is helping you find your zone of genius.

Let's do this!

What Clients Say:

What would I have done without Rhonda? Hire her and feel your confidence — and business — grow!

Lee Koles — Washington DC

Working with Rhonda I’ve not only developed a profitable coaching niche, I’ve also learned to trust my voice and take risks to put myself out there in ways I’ve never dreamed of before. Rhonda’s patient consistency has made all the difference.

Alyssa Farber — Seattle

With Rhonda’s expertise and accountability I have bypassed so many mistakes. Her program wasn’t cookie cutter but rather fluid with my style.

Elizabeth Landry — Missouri

Rhonda is a great niche strategist and business coach yet her coaching skills were what made all the difference.

Matt Hattersley – UK

Rhonda is more than a smart investment; she’s a blessing to me and the coaching industry.

Shawna Warner — Colorado

My 4 Phase program called Coaching Business Breakthrough is a delightful collaboration where we:

Design a Fun & Lucrative Niche

Finesse Your Brand & Messaging

Craft Client-Winning Web Copy

Create Your Signature Program & Visibility Plan

I only work with 20 coaches each year. My approach is high touch and customized to you.

You’ll have easy access to me through private mentoring sessions, unlimited emailing and copy editing of everything we create.

If this sounds like what you’ve been missing, let’s talk.

First, fill out the quick application below and tell me a bit about yourself.

I’ll be in touch to set up a call. We’ll meet and see if we’re a good fit.

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