Are you ready to fully manifest your brilliant business
with personalized VIP support?

If I was to start my own coaching business right now, I’d bypass all those confusing mastermind groups and online programs and go straight for VIP hand-holding to get everything right the first time.

Here’s just the start of what we’d do together:

  • Design or refine a profitable niche that’s right for you.
  • Find out what your audience wants so much they’ll invest in your help to get it.
  • Craft compelling messages and offers that strike a resonant chord with your audience.
  • Create your Signature System to articulate what you do in a non-salesy authentic way.
  • Write an irresistible free offer that pre-qualifies and pre-sells your ideal clients.
  • Develop client-winning web content that makes your audience feel at home and inspires sign ups.

This kind of VIP support takes away the guess work and frustration of figuring everything out on your own. You’ll have easy access to me through private coaching and mentoring sessions, unlimited emailing and copy editing.

We’ll brainstorm the best client attraction strategies for you and I’ll keep you moving forward on high payoff actions that will smartly launch your coaching business with ease and grace!

Working privately with Rhonda is well worth the investment. In a short time my coaching practice has transformed into a more lucrative, fun and reliable business. I’m working smarter without working more hours and enrolling more clients at higher fees. Rhonda helped me focus and streamline my niche, branding, website, coaching programs and marketing strategies so they all work in concert. It’s raised my confidence about the value of my services significantly. And my income is already 5x greater than last year!

Kim Meninger

I am grateful for Rhonda’s professionalism, ethics, and competence in responsibly guiding me in my business.

Christina Weber

Right after I received my certification as an executive coach, I was recommended to Rhonda to help me with finding my way in a new career! Rhonda exceeded all of my expectations in helping me determine my specific coaching niche, setting up my web site and supporting me as I launched my new business. She understood the challenges I faced and was amazing as a sounding board, colleague and coach. I continue to utilize her as my business grows and endorse her completely!

Liz Trocchio

Rhonda Hess has helped me focus my business, my marketing and most importantly, my energy. I was getting great results with the clients I had, but was struggling to build my business. My efforts to attract and land new clients were scattered. Rhonda helped me look at my interests, passions and toolbox, plus my work experience to land a coaching niche that's not only a joy for me but far more lucrative than my original approach. I coach bold women leaders to step onto a bigger stage. I have been focusing on this niche for the last 7 years and have had extraordinary opportunity to be of service to a driven and dynamic group of clients. My business has grown substantially. Rhonda is a passionate advocate and savvy advisor. I am deeply grateful for her insight, wisdom, encouragement and guidance.

Nan Crawford

If you are ready to take bold decisive action, apply to work privately with me!

Answer the short questionnaire below and be as specific as possible. I’ll be in touch to set up a free 45 minute Business Breakthrough Discovery Session with you.

This Discovery Session is not free coaching or advice. In our conversation, we’ll uncover:

  • where you are right now
  • where you want to be – the full color vision of your ideal business and lifestyle
  • what’s getting in your way
  • your unique skills and talents, and
  • how I can help you manifest the fullness of your vision.

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