Strategy Session

90 Minutes to Clarity and Smart Action

with Rhonda Hess, International Business Coach & Niche Strategist

These strategy sessions are perfect for bite-sized brainstorms or removing obstacles in the way of your decisive action, such as:
  • Choosing or refining your coaching niche and target audience
  • Uncovering what your target audience really wants
  • Crafting your core message
  • Pricing and bundling programs your audience wants to buy
  • Coaching through doubts, limiting beliefs or money mindset issues
  • Brainstorming irresistible free offer ideas
  • Quick review and suggestions to improve your website
  • Planning your transition from your job to full time coaching
  • Or ... picking my brain about a specific business/marketing topic.

You don't have to figure this all out by yourself.

Imagine ... no more feeling lost and stuck.

When you invest in your success you surge forward.

You’ll get:

  • 90 minutes of private business coaching with me
  • A recording of the call (we'll meet on a bridgeline or Zoom)
  • A session recap of key points and next steps
And, if after this session you’d like more comprehensive VIP support over time in my Coaching Business Breakthrough program, the cost of this 90 minute session is deducted from those program fees.

Let's do this!

I can’t wait to meet you and see you take leaps in your business!

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Rhonda Hess
Coaching Niche Success Strategist
Prosperous Coach


About Rhonda Hess, International Business Coach & Niche Strategist

Rhonda HessRhonda’s clients say that she has a super power for helping them choose a profitable coaching niche they love. After all, your niche is what makes you stand out in the barrage of messages out there and grab the attention of ideal clients. It doesn’t matter how great a coach you are if no one knows about you.

How did she become a coach for coaches? The usual way. Angels and surprises. While coaching women entrepreneurs, Rhonda was on the board of the Denver Coach Federation. A colleague there invited her to teach at Coach Training Alliance where she ended up co-writing new curriculum, designing their certified coach program and training the mentor coaches. CTA graduates began hiring her, especially to solve the agonizing problem of their coaching niche.

Inspired by her client’s success, Rhonda launched Prosperous Coach® in 2006 to help all coaches earn more and market less. Many coaches get stuck in hobby mode or try to sell coaching on its own merits, which rarely works. There’s a better way to become known and attract enthusiastic clients who pay well.

Always morphing her business model to fit her lifestyle, Rhonda’s done it all — group coaching, online courses and membership programs, live webinars and marketing campaigns with big name mentors. But her favorite way to help coaches is one on one, holding their hand to create their own little empire piece by piece so it fits them like a glove.

Rhonda lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband, a socially responsible business lawyer, and Freya Underfoot — the wonder cat. When she’s not podcasting or working with clients, she’s painting, puzzling, reading or walking the foothills with friends.