How to Write a Series of Enthusiastic & Effective Promotional Emails

When you really believe in something, you want to share it with others, right? Because it’s important to you, you’re not shy about getting the word out. Put this same energy and intention into your promotional emails. Enthusiastically invite people on your list to engage with you.

Take this into your heart… the specific transformation you provide to your target audience is highly valuable. If you aren’t certain about this now, do whatever it takes to raise your certainty. Align your offers with topics your target audience is hungry to learn more about. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Then, as you’re promoting your next free preview event — a teleseminar, webinar or series of videos to enroll your tribe into your paid program — shout it from the mountaintops! Don’t deprive anyone of the chance to get in on what you’re offering.

Why use a series of different emails instead of just one? Diversity in your subject lines and message allows different people to hear your message in a way and at a pace that lands best with each person in your tribe. I covered three key reasons why email series work better than a single email in the last post – Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way?


Build the Relationship First

These promotional email tips assume you have a leads list and you’ve been connecting with them through your blog, ezine or other value-based articles regularly. People will only read your promo emails and sign up for your preview events if they recognize you and trust your brand.

A good rule of thumb is to send a minimum of 3 emails to your target audience before the preview event. Supplement with blog posts or ezines on relevant topics during the promotional campaign with a little plug and hot link to the sign up page at the end.

7 – 10 Days Before Your Preview Event — Send one email with a very compelling subject line that emphasizes a pain point or key benefit of what they’ll learn in the preview teleseminar. Ask a question or share something they want. So, instead of Free Teleseminar About Social Networking, make it something like: 5 Reasons Why Social Networking Isn’t Working for You… Yet. Include a bulleted list of what they’ll take away from the event that weaves in pain points and benefits relevant to that topic.

3 – 5 Days Before Your Preview Event — Send another email with a different compelling subject line, differently worded key learning points and related benefits.

1 Day or a Few Hours Before Your Preview Event — Send a very short email with a subject line such as: Don’t miss this… or It’s Today…

If you have followers or friends in your target audience on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or Twitter, post a few compelling announcements there with the link to your preview event’s sign up page.


Remind and Inspire Them to Attend

To the people who signed up for the preview event, send a couple more emails:

Reminder 1 Day Before Your Preview Event — Besides repeating the date, time and dial in details, give them something to think about, a bit of prep work, or attach a pdf handout to follow along during the event. Or, tell them about an incentive to attend. Subject line: Reminder tomorrow is… Or, Here’s your handout for tomorrow… Or Attend tomorrow and receive this gift…

Reminder 10 Minutes – 1 Hour Before Your Preview Event — Similar to above. Subject: In just 10 minutes…


Follow Up to Increase Sales and Close Your Promotion

Once the preview event is over, send 2 – 3 more emails only to those that signed up for the preview event. Don’t send these out to your whole list! If they didn’t sign up for the preview event, respect their choice.

Day of or next day after your preview event — Send one email with the link to the replay (mp3, webinar video) of the event and list a few key learning points you covered as well as any Fast Action Bonus information and the link to your paid program sales page. Subject: Your replay of…

24 hours before your Fast Action Bonus ends — Send one email, only to people who signed up for the preview event, letting them know that the bonus is almost over. Offer several benefits to your paid event, critical event details, and the link to that program’s sales page. Subject: Last 24 hours to sweet deal…

24 hours before the final promo day or day before paid program begins — Send one final, short email with a few benefits, the start date of your paid program and the link to sign up. Subject: Last day for…


Promotional Email Writing Tips

The best way to learn how to write promotional emails is to watch what your favorite mentors do. Write conversationally the way you talk, and use “spur of the moment” energy. You’ll get better and better at this!

Your goal is to help your target audience:

  • Feel heard and understood by talking about what bothers them the most and how you’ll help them achieve their biggest goals.
  • Feel motivated to hear what you have to say, learn from you and engage more deeply with you.
  • Feel inspired to share your event with others.

Every email should include the following:

  • Sign up link 2 – 3 times.
  • Limit exclamation points, colored text and bolding.
  • Bullet points, streamlined paragraphs. Be sure that pain points and benefits are rolled into these points.
  • Date, time, time zone for the event. Anything else they need to know up front.
  • Your call to action – Join us at…. Don’t miss this one time event. Sign up now. Ideally, there’s a different compelling call to action for each time you repeat your link to the sign up page.

Before you QUEUE emails to go out, send a test to yourself or ask your assistant to do this. Read every word out loud. Be sure you’ve included all the critical details correctly. Test each link.

I like to send each email out with intention that it will touch those that are ready to fully engage and transform now, blessing all without attachment to who signs up.

Share your tips, challenges and questions about promotional emails in the comments below. And, set up your next promotion using these tips now! Let me know how it went!


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