Enroll More Coaching Clients From Your Website

Is your website enrolling new coaching clients for you? ? Is it also creating a community of future clients? Does it quickly inspire people to share your site?

If not, your site might be a dud — a website that just sits there taking up cyberspace. Here’s how to make your website WORK for you:

4 Secrets of a Client Winning Website

happy with websiteAs you read through these, rate your own website on a scale of 1 -5 with 5 being the best it can be.

1. Be sure every word and image is tailor made for your target audience
The #1 mistake coaches make on their websites is they make it all about coaching. Unless your clients want to become a coach themselves, they will bounce off a site like that in seconds.

What Your Headshot Says About You

I’ve been doing a lot of website reviews for coaches and consultants lately. Many are squeamish about the idea of putting their face prominently on their website. Yeah, I tried to dodge that early on too. But I came around and here’s why it’s a good idea for all service providers…

https://prosperouscoachblog.com/headshot/You are the face of your business and your face speaks miles about you. Your future clients want to see you before they engage with you. What would it say about you if you weren’t there to greet them when they arrive on your Home page?

But don’t worry. This isn’t about the popular notion of good looks. What matters is that your core essence comes through. Your ideal clients will see it and respond positively. Here’s how to help yourself show up for the camera and get a great set of shots:

7 Insider Tips for Great Headshots

#1 Be sure to get really good sleep, eat well, and drink lots of water the week before your shoot.

Your Website Has 6 Seconds to Make the Right Impression

In the online marketing world, 6 seconds is a long time. When we surf the Internet or click a link we impatiently look for immediate relevance or we’re outta there and likely never to come back.

That means your website has to make a connection with your target audience super fast! You’d be surprised how easy it is to do this.

https://prosperouscoachblog.comwebsite-6-seconds-impression/What’s in it for Me?

That’s the key question on the minds of your web visitors.

So if you want to…

  • make a great first impression
  • build your list of subscribers
  • sell programs online, and
  • create fans that consistently turn into clients

…your website needs to be written and laid out to do that for you.

4 Keys to Creating Results-Getting Emails For a Small Mailing List – by Milana Leshinsky

This is a guest blog post by my friend and colleague — the “MEGA Coach” Milana Leshinsky.

If you’ve been doing business online for more than a week, you probably already heard this very common expression: “money is in the list.” True, the more people you have on your mailing list, the more people will read your e-mails, and the more products and programs you will sell.

But did you know that even people with thousands of subscribers may still be struggling financially?

That’s because the secret is not in the SIZE of your list, but in the QUALITY of your communication with your subscribers. Yes, it’s certainly easier with a bigger list. But until you master these 4 critical keys of communicating with your list, you may find yourself struggling for cash and clients regardless of how big it is.

Here are the 4 secrets to creating great results with your small mailing list:

1. Relevance

Starting with the subject line and ending with the P.S., your e-mails must be highly relevant to your subscribers. In order to send highly relevant emails to your small mailing list, you need to know what their biggest challenges are. For this reason I highly recommend sending out a survey and reading results carefully. One of the big reasons people unsubscribe or ignore e-mails is because they’re not relevant to their biggest challenges, goals, and dreams. As Dan Kennedy once said, you must enter the conversation already happening in their mind!

The Perfect Client from a Web Designer’s Perspective

This is a guest post by my colleague, Jess Webb, the aptly named Goddess of Marketing and ace web designer. And by the way, guys, these tips about what you bring to the table with a web designer apply to you too!

As a web designer for passionate, heart-centered women entrepreneurs, I’ve found that there are some common characteristics and qualities that make someone my dream client. And it’s a beautiful thing to team up with someone who is that perfect fit, where we both enjoy working together and I can catch their vision and get excited with them about making it happen.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

She has a target market and is clear on what those people want

As a web designer, it is very challenging and frustrating to try and build an online presence for someone who doesn’t know who they are serving. Or someone who is trying to reach a very general, broad audience. In both of these cases, their message will be extremely watered down, and it makes it difficult – even impossible – to create a cohesive, effective website. You can’t build an online presence that will attract your perfect client if you don’t yet know who that is.

3 Little Website Tips with Big Impact for Coaches

When you’re in business for yourself, it’s easy to forget about improvements and keep doing the same thing even if it’s not working. But improvements don’t have to take a lot of time or money. It’s almost always a series of small shifts that creates a big difference in results.

For example, take your website… most people pop up a coaching website and forget about it except to feel frustrated that they invested all that time and money for nothing. It’s not doing what they wish it would do – building a robust list of fans and enrolling new clients. Rather than waste it and regret it, leverage it! Make specific small tweaks that bring you big results.

Target. Connect. Convert

Every website’s goal is to target an audience, connect with them through relevance and trust, and then “convert” them into fans and clients. But that process has to be planned into the site. A simple online brochure can’t convert unless you personally point people to the site yourself.

These 3 little tips will tip the scales in your favor:

#1 Make sure your website feels like home to your target audience.

Instead of making your website be all about you and coaching, focus in on the tangible outcomes your target audience knows they urgently want, and the specific challenges they face while trying to get there. Show them that your services are the bridge that will take them where they most want to go.

Your tagline, benefit statement, title of your freebie, articles, marketing copy… even your About page should be highly relevant to the people you serve. Relevance is how they decide whether to stick on your site, opt-in, and engage with you or… never come back.

How to Write a Series of Enthusiastic & Effective Promotional Emails

When you really believe in something, you want to share it with others, right? Because it’s important to you, you’re not shy about getting the word out. Put this same energy and intention into your promotional emails. Enthusiastically invite people on your list to engage with you.

Take this into your heart… the specific transformation you provide to your target audience is highly valuable. If you aren’t certain about this now, do whatever it takes to raise your certainty. Align your offers with topics your target audience is hungry to learn more about. Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Then, as you’re promoting your next free preview event — a teleseminar, webinar or series of videos to enroll your tribe into your paid program — shout it from the mountaintops! Don’t deprive anyone of the chance to get in on what you’re offering.

Why use a series of different emails instead of just one? Diversity in your subject lines and message allows different people to hear your message in a way and at a pace that lands best with each person in your tribe. I covered three key reasons why email series work better than a single email in the last post – Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way?


Build the Relationship First

These promotional email tips assume you have a leads list and you’ve been connecting with them through your blog, ezine or other value-based articles regularly. People will only read your promo emails and sign up for your preview events if they recognize you and trust your brand.

A good rule of thumb is to send a minimum of 3 emails to your target audience before the preview event. Supplement with blog posts or ezines on relevant topics during the promotional campaign with a little plug and hot link to the sign up page at the end.

Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way?

Over a decade, I’ve learned a lot of things the “hard” way by making mistakes and then having a big “aha” that set me on the right track. One lesson that really stands out:

Don’t make decisions out of fear.

Have you shied away from sending a series of promotional emails about one of your offers because you’re afraid of bothering people or doing it wrong? Your fear may be sabotaging your desire to be a successful coach.

But, if you’re on the mailing lists of well known thought leaders, you know this… when they promote a few times each year, they really go for it!

Are You Afraid to Promote Your Offers in a Big Way - Rhonda HessYou can tell they believe in what they’re offering and they’re not shy about letting you in on it. Everything they do has been planned out well in advance, including a series of emails that point you to a preview of their program through a free teleseminar, webinar, or video series.

It’s highly effective. That’s why they keep doing it despite the fact they have a huge list of raving fans.

It’s all about frequency, diversity and pacing.

Three Smart Reasons to Send a Series of Promotional Emails

1. Frequent invitations build a buzz. With each successive email, excitement builds, and as time goes on, more people want to get in on it. People tweet it, share it on Facebook and forward the email to colleagues. If you’re using promotional partners, the buzz grows louder and reaches more people faster.