How to Be Truly Content with Your Coaching Business

Coaches are deeply nourished by their professional relationships. There’s a satisfying magic that happens in coaching sessions — a meeting of hearts and minds that confirms we are in the right place doing the right thing.

But what if you could be equally content with all aspects of your coaching business — actually enjoy the whole package from marketing to innovating to delivering coaching? Your day-to-day journey would look and feel very different.

There’s a simple secret to achieving that contented state — let go of preferences and expectations while believing that you can have what you want and doing what it takes to achieve that. It’s freeing!

If I split all the life coaches I know into two groups, those that are enjoying their coaching business and those that are not, there are just three mindsets and actions that would distinguish them.

1. Contented coaches value their time and their services highly. They charge fees that pay them well which helps them attract serious clients who invest richly in their own evolution. These coaches make a great income and also give away some of their time and expertise without suffering.

2. Contented coaches trust the process of business building and avidly spread the word about their services to their most ideal audience. They release grasping expectations about how and when the best results will show up, staying detached from outcome while continuously investing their time, attention and belief in the outcomes they most want.

They let go of good/bad judgments about their day-to-day results and put more stock in long term growth.

3. Contented coaches choose and champion a profitable coaching niche that serves a viable target audience. That gives them pinpointed focus so that they know exactly what their next high payoff action is and they don’t sweat the small stuff. They understand that marketing a coaching business is all about developing trust and relationships, which takes time and consistency.

These things have a dramatic effect on their coaching clients too. They perceive the coach’s satisfaction and see it as a strength they want to model. It’s attractive energy.

Don’t get me wrong. These “contented coaches” are not complacent. They still have challenges and the same learning curves as anyone else. But they summit those with an adventurous spirit knowing the destination itself and how quickly they arrive isn’t as important as the experience along the way.

There’s a point of grace you can reach any time in your coaching business… when you decide to release preferences and expectations and keep moving forward. You feel equally happy delivering coaching, teaching a class or writing a blog, because you realize that it’s all of one piece.

The fear of taking risks and crossing new thresholds diminishes because you know you’ll do what it takes to be successful no matter what. The “if onlys” disappear. Imagine… getting just as much of a charge from marketing as you do from coaching because you see it all as service to the greater good.

Are you feeling content in your coaching business? Are you:

What mindset shifts and pinpointed actions towards your goals will you put in place to bring you more contentedness in your coaching journey this year?


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