Coaching Success – Charge What You’re Worth

Sometimes, to get better results in your coaching business, all you really need is a mindset shift. So many life coaches make a less than stellar income, and their mantra: “How do I get more clients?” rolls around in their heads continuously. Eventually, that focus builds more scarcity than prosperity.

Some wise person said: “How we do anything is how we do everything.”

It’s true. And I say:
How we think about anything is how we experience everything.

When you set your coaching fees and tell prospects about them, give yourself the advantage of a powerful mindset as a solid foundation for your success.

Integrate these Four Power Concepts together to charge what you’re worth.

1. You’re in the Right Place at the Right Time

You were called to this, or you decided it was the most meaningful work you could do at this time in your life. Whenever you have anxiety about your business, stop and remember that. Trust it. When you’re on your deathbed, you won’t be thanking yourself for all the times you played it safe or forsook your dreams.

2. Your Clients are Waiting For You

Your ideal clients are waiting for you. All you need to do is consistently and persistently let your niche market know about your coaching services and other valuable offers. If they don’t know about you they can’t hire you — and they will be missing a great opportunity.

3. You are One of a Kind

You are an original, unique, irreplaceable, indispensable human being. Remember this. Your brilliance makes this world a better place. Shine it! Share it! Otherwise, how will you live a purposeful life?

4. Pricing is a Business Decision

You are priceless. Your services and products, however, must be priced for you to make a fabulous income as a life coach. Decide how you price your products and services based on your business goals, your niche market, and your integrity. You will make the best business decision if you show up worthy — understanding your intrinsic value. And guess what? Unworthiness is NOT attractive.

Step Up To the Honor

Coaching is an honor. Receive that honor by showing up worthy; otherwise the honor is lost on you.

What does it feel like to show up worthy of the honor of coaching?

100% present
In integrity
Detached from outcome
Fully in your personal power

What does it look like to show up worthy of the honor of coaching?

Value your time in everything you say and do.
Price your coaching services by stepping into your power.
Never compromise – your fees, your values – not anything!

Never sell yourself short. Otherwise, your clients will sell you short too, and what’s equally a shame is they may sell themselves short as well.

Realizing your self worth is a lifetime practice. Start now. Use your coaching business as the territory for this lesson. Put your focus on it. Then, watch how it dramatically changes your results!


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