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Missing the Mark

Is your coaching niche helping you or…?

You want a niche that helps you do good in the world while you do well financially. But what if your niche is actually holding you back? Take the time to find one that will pay off consistently. It’s a journey, but it doesn’t have to be hard.


Know the Most Important Half of Your Coaching Niche

There’s a sea change in the way people buy services. Your success depends more than ever on your ability to develop the second half of your niche – your target audience.The second and most important part of your niche is your target audience. Because of a sea change in the way people engage and buy services, your success depends on you standing out and serving a “tribe.”

Are People Buying Your Coaching? - Rhonda Hess

Who’s Buying Coaching These Days?

There is big transformative energy going on right now in the coaching industry. I know you can feel it. People and groups all around us are becoming even more innovative and full of passion to transform the world, their lives and situations.

Make sure your coaching business is recognized for a distinctive market or message.

What Are You Recognized For?

If you’re tired of working really hard for every client and never building momentum, maybe it’s time to focus your message. There’s nothing that can make a bigger difference to your coaching business. Here’s how.


10 Easy Steps to Enroll More Coaching Clients Fast!

Enroll your coaching clients without being salesly. Take 10 minutes now
to learn how to inspire prospects to “Yes!”

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