Ep 92 – A Sad Preventable Thing That Happens to Too Many Coaches

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Show Notes

This is a super short episode with a bite sized but powerful message for all the new-ish coaches out there. It follows on the topic of the last episode called Should You Launch Your Coaching Business at a Better Time?

I was working with a favorite client last week who only has two more sessions in her 5 month VIP Coaching Business Breakthrough program with me. She was super busy with recent opportunities and finding it more challenging to get tasks done in order to launch her coaching business.

I mentioned how important it will be to give her new coaching business enough day to day and week to week time to launch, build momentum and thrive.

It’s like giving love to a new born.

When we met the next week she told me that she took that to heart and was renewing her commitment to her coaching business. I could feel the shift in her energy. Well done!

A sad thing happens to too many coaches … after they spend significant money learning how to coach and then more money on programs to help them launch the business … and more money developing a website they don’t leverage all that hard work.

Instead they fall back into the well worn groove of before … before the calling to become a coach.

Know what I mean?

Has this happened to you or almost happened to you?

You work hard and diligently do many behind the scenes things and then after launch slowly give up or just never take that step into the real world with your business.

This is what I call the Coaching Business Backslide.

It’s not unlike someone who spends a lot of money and time painstakingly losing weight. Then when the program is over and before long they’ve gained it all back.

The shame of it weighs heavy. And with friends and family it can have that “Crying Wolf” effect where people don’t take your big dreams seriously because they didn’t see you follow through.

So, wherever YOU are in the process of building your business, make yourself a promise. Repeat after me:

I will follow through with my dream,

become a well known lucrative coach

and leverage all my hard work and investment!

This is about commitment. It is about integrity and respect for yourself.

You can do it! You don’t have to do it alone though. Want help to get back in the saddle and build up momentum? Schedule a Strategy Session with me.

In the Next Episode: How to Bring Your Full Self to Your Coaching Business