The Coaching Business Backslide: How to Get Out of Your Own Way

You’ve invested a lot of time, money and passion to become a professional coach. No doubt, you’ve already made a difference in people’s lives.

But that initial push to learn how to coach and build your business foundation can quickly turn into disillusionment if paying clients don’t beat a path to your door at the get-go.

Impatience slows manifestation. Is it time to get out of your own way?

After 16 years of mentoring, I witness 3 main ways that coaches get in the way of their own success at this stage:

  1. Allowing doubts to crush momentum after a few coaching prospect rejections.
  2. Hiding behind the computer, constantly repositioning their niche, website and messages.
  3. Becoming paralyzed, afraid to get out there consistently to build trust and enroll clients.

Sound familiar? Here are 3 ways to think differently about your blossoming business …

Check Your Expectations

Expectation is a possibility killer because it lacks the most essential ingredient of possibility thinking – being open to outcome.

Words to live by: Happiness is low expectations. The idea isn’t to settle for less or shut down when challenged.

The idea is to BELIEVE in the journey. Set goals and create a vision. Then, make it happen with courage and grit. After all, isn’t that how you’d coach your clients?

That’s why self-made entrepreneurs are so celebrated. They believed and persevered.

But, if you ask them, they’ll tell you of delays, unexpected challenges and learning from mistakes … many mistakes.

There’s a lot of rhetoric out there that might make you think any coach can and should become an instant phenom.

But, if you pause for a moment, you’ll see that the people selling that message are working very hard at their own success. They’ve got a profitable niche, smart messaging, conversion processes, clear offers, and a team working with them to build their own little empires one day at a time.

Like every other entrepreneur, they built their empire on delays, unexpected challenges and learning from mistakes.

Give Yourself the Gift of Momentum

Consistency + congruence = leverage.

Leverage rocks! After 18 months of consistently blogging to my audience with a congruent message, I started enrolling clients from Google searches! I earned more with less effort.

One day – when you’re not tapping your foot with expectation – your efforts will arrive at a critical mass and something unexpected and wonderful will happen that takes your business to the next level.

Faithfully nurture your reputation and show up consistently.

Look at it this way …

If you get a cavity in a tooth, you wouldn’t stop brushing your teeth would you? You’d improve your habits. Maybe even become an avid flosser.

If your child falls while trying to walk do you encourage her to stay down and give up? No way. You let her fall on her bum and show her how to get back up.

So get out there every day with enthusiasm for your message, your value and your offer. Enjoy people. Even if they don’t hire you … right away.

Your ideal coaching clients are out there. Keep waving your arms so they can see you.

Yes, there are ways to get attention more quickly and enroll clients more easily at higher fees. It takes congruence – connecting the dots between your audience’s desires, your message and offers. It’s an art. I can help you with that.

Timing Does Matter

Sometimes, you begin to build your coaching business but there’s not enough room in your life to bring it fully into reality.

If you’re gainfully employed or have a family you’re caring for full time, there’s often not enough drive left to stay the course and grow your coaching business into a thriving livelihood.

Your options? Create a transition plan, clear space and redouble your efforts. Or, put your business to the side until you’re willing to take that leap. No shame.

But if you want it now, shrug off doubt and expectation, and aim for leverage!


What ways have you got in your own way to build your coaching business? How have you built leverage to reach that moment of critical mass where you thrive?

  • Nichole

    “BELIEVE in the journey.” Love that! Isn’t that the big lesson in life as well as business?!

    • It’s amazing how our beliefs guide the outcome. Thanks for chiming in, Nichole!

  • David Andrew

    i just came across your site today… I should say, it cuts out all the crap that I hear day in day out about how to become a success fast… The truth is, it takes grit and determination, not that everyone aspires to.

    I’ve chosen to become a full time coach and mentor, because I believe it my purpose and goal in life to actually help people. I am retiring from a public sector work after 20 plus years, in fact 10 years earlier than the retiring age.

    Along the years I have coached and mentored people for free. I learnt my craft by studying, reading, listening, practising, getting qualified…. But now it’s time to reap the harvest. I live in UK… Would you do coaching sessions abroad?

    • Thanks for chiming in, David. I agree whole heartedly.

      I’m an international business coach and coaching business mentor. I’ve worked with a lot of UK clients but also coaches as far away as Australia, China and Saudi Arabia.

      I see that you’ve already downloaded my free report 5 Secrets to a Highly Profitable Niche You’ll Love. I’ll contact you by email soon or if you’d like go to my Work With Rhonda page and fill out the questionnaire there to tell me about yourself. We’ll set up a Skype call and have a chat about your coaching business vision and how you can reap the harvest.

      • David Andrew

        Thank you Rhonda for your fast reply… Awesome! My clients are in China too (but they are the younger generations)… Some of them of course cannot afford to pay.. But I have coached them out of my commitment to help people and their progress and feedback is very rewarding. However, as a business I realise, I will need to start charging clients with what I consider to be worth my salt £850 for six block session.

        I have downloaded the 5 Secrets to a Highly Profitable Niche. I am also reading the blogs that have been posted. All of them are inspiring and motivating and very practical. What one requires is to have confidence and “true grit”… I am moving one step each day towards that.

        Yes, I will contact you as soon as I know the cost of coaching sessions. Money necessary won’t be an issue, But value and quality for money in a business is important.

        I will complete the questionnaire asap which will enable you to assess where I am on the scale of 1-10.
        My linked in profile

        Have an awesome day!



        • David let’s talk details when we meet on Skype. Go ahead and set up a free Discovery Session. I’m excited to meet you!