3 Little Website Tips with Big Impact for Coaches

When you’re in business for yourself, it’s easy to forget about improvements and keep doing the same thing even if it’s not working. But improvements don’t have to take a lot of time or money. It’s almost always a series of small shifts that creates a big difference in results.

For example, take your website… most people pop up a coaching website and forget about it except to feel frustrated that they invested all that time and money for nothing. It’s not doing what they wish it would do – building a robust list of fans and enrolling new clients. Rather than waste it and regret it, leverage it! Make specific small tweaks that bring you big results.

Target. Connect. Convert

Every website’s goal is to target an audience, connect with them through relevance and trust, and then “convert” them into fans and clients. But that process has to be planned into the site. A simple online brochure can’t convert unless you personally point people to the site yourself.

These 3 little tips will tip the scales in your favor:

#1 Make sure your website feels like home to your target audience.

Instead of making your website be all about you and coaching, focus in on the tangible outcomes your target audience knows they urgently want, and the specific challenges they face while trying to get there. Show them that your services are the bridge that will take them where they most want to go.

Your tagline, benefit statement, title of your freebie, articles, marketing copy… even your About page should be highly relevant to the people you serve. Relevance is how they decide whether to stick on your site, opt-in, and engage with you or… never come back.

This is another reason why serving everyone or focusing on a topic without targeting a market can be problematic. The more narrowly focused your target market is, the easier it is to create messages and offers that strike a resonant chord and then convert!

#2 Make sure your freebie and opt-in box are irresistible.

I posted 12 powerful questions last week so you could quickly assess whether your freebie is hot or not.

Why does your opt-in and freebie need to be irresistible? If visitors opt-in, you have the opportunity to build a relationship of trust with them. Offer them an immediately downloadable gift (not just an ezine or blog subscription) that helps them solve a specific challenge now and move closer to their ultimate tangible outcome. Then stay in touch. That’s how web visitors become your future clients.

Put your opt-in in the upper right corner of your site. Make sure it’s the most attention-getting feature on the home page before scrolling!

#3 Create community, experiences, education and fun.

A static site quickly becomes stale. If you want people to return to your site, keep it fresh, shake things up, and inspire people to come to your site again and again.

I love a blog on the home page. It’s transformed the way I connect with and enroll my clients. It is a commitment to write on a schedule, so get guest bloggers or do something creative, like video blogs, reviews, or series. Blogs are a reliable “steady-drip” buzz building tool that engages people through comments, retweets, likes. It brings more people to your site, boosts your ranking with search engines, and builds social credibility.

If a blog is not your thing, find some other way to refresh your website monthly and a set of strategies to drive traffic to your new events or posting. That’s how your website will become a workhorse and do much of your marketing for you.