Is Your Website Freebie Hot or Not?

I’ve launched a lot of websites. Sorry to say, several were duds. But I learned a lot from those duds, and now my website continually transforms web visitors into clients for me.

While I was failing my way to success, I discovered the #1 most important part of a website – the freebie (also called a “pink spoon”). This is the immediately downloadable free offer you have in your opt-in box on your home page.

What’s that you say? You don’t have one? Or… it’s not building your list fast enough? You’re not alone. I review a lot of coach’s websites for them and the free offer is often buried somewhere, or it seriously lacks pizzazz! That means it’s not doing the work it could of bringing you pre-qualified clients.

If you want to continually transform your web visitors into fans and your fans into clients, put up a free offer that’s irresistible. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

Here’s how to tell if you’re on the right track with your freebie.

Assess the Sizzle of Your Freebie and Opt-in

Before you begin, open a browser to your website. (If you don’t have one yet, open the site where you were last compelled to opt in.) Make the size of your browser about the size of an average laptop. Now, without scrolling, look at what you see as if YOU were your target audience. Give yourself the points only if you can say YES to each question, then total the points and score yourself. Here we go…

The opt-in box:

1.   Is it the most attention-getting thing on the page? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
2.   Is it on all of the main pages of the website? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
3.   Is it colorful? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
4.   Is text easy to read? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
5.   Is the whole box viewable without scrolling? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
6.   Is there a graphic representation of the free offer? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
7.   Does the opt-in button text relate to the offer? Such as: “Send me the Secrets Now” (not just “Submit”) Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
8.   Is it ONLY offering a newsletter or blog subscription? (If yes, skip the rest of the questions and score.) Yes – 0 points No – 5 points

TOTAL POINTS FOR THE OPT-IN BOX                                _________

The free offer…

1.   Is the topic URGENTLY important to the target audience? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
2.   Does the topic solve a specific pain point and help them get closer to a specific tangible outcome they KNOW they want? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
3.   Is the title very compelling? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
4.   If you were this target audience would you sign up for this? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points
5.   Is the freebie immediately downloadable? Yes – 5 points No – 0 points

TOTAL POINTS FOR THE FREE OFFER                       _________

TOTAL SCORE ADDING BOTH SECTIONS                    _________


0 – 20 NOT HOT. It’s time for a website makeover.
25 – 55 GETTING WARM. It’s good, but with a few tweaks it will sizzle.
60 – 65 IT’S HOT, HOT HOT! Congratulations, your opt-in is irresistible!

Let me know how you scored in the comments below, and what steps you’ll take to ACE your freebie and opt-in box and when.

If you scored below 60, you’re in good company because even web designers and well established entrepreneurs flub this sometimes, and lose the chance to engage a visitor and enroll a client.

There are just a few critical things every website needs to be client winning, but if they aren’t in place, it could make the difference between having a website that WORKS as a client attraction tool and one that just sits there doing nothing.

I’m giving a free webinar on April 11 and I want you to be there. I’m going to review websites of real coaches and other entrepreneurs, and show them how they can improve their home page so it really will do what they want it to do – help them transform visitors into clients! Sign up here even if you can’t be there – but DO be there because it will change your website karma!