Who’s Buying Coaching These Days?

It’s a good question. If you’ve been selling a certain type of coaching such as relationship, career, wellness, leadership, life purpose (put any word before coaching)… you must be wondering this yourself because clients may have been hard to come by.

Many coaches haven’t noticed a blip in the number of people wanting their services. In fact, their income has increased over the last few years and it’s still rising. Their clients are staying longer. What are they doing differently?

Well, I’ll tell you, this may be shocking, but they are NOT selling coaching. And yet they are continuously doing some fine coaching with a wait list of clients.Are People Buying Your Coaching? - Rhonda Hess

Here’s what we know about any economic downturn, and there have been several over the last two decades where coaches rode the wave back up ahead of the curve…

People still buy things they want, but they have changed their buying strategy.

They feel they must justify their expenses and they get very serious about what’s really important to them. They dedicate their resources to those things right now.

This is true of all of us. We’ll buy less doodads and think twice about lots of things, but we’ll do things like go back to school or take some kind of training or enroll in a mastermind. We more earnestly look for ways to close the gap between where we are now and where we truly want to be.

People are looking to upgrade their lives, not with luxuries, but with meaning. And this is true of your future clients too.

It’s actually rare that anyone ever seeks out coaching for two reasons:

  1. Coaching is a tool, not an outcome. And yet it’s the best tool in your toolbox for helping people reach an outcome!
  2. Coaching, in and of itself, is often perceived as a luxury. It’s our job to change that perspective!

So I’m on a bit of a soapbox for coaches and I’ve been sharing this in webinars because I keep seeing coaches struggling to sell their coaching. Instead of selling what you do, offer your target audience something they KNOW they really want and use coaching as your best tool to help them get there.

See the distinction?

4 Things that Must Be In Place to Get Coaching Clients Consistently

For people to invest in the services you’re selling these four things must be satisfied:

    1. They have a specific outcome they urgently know they want right now.

This is critical, so let’s break this down. I’m talking about:

⇒ A SPECIFIC outcome, not a vague one like happiness or fulfillment.
⇒ Your target audience already KNOWS they want it.
⇒ And they want it RIGHT NOW.

So it stands to reason… you need to know exactly who you’re serving and have inside knowledge about what they most urgently want so much so that they’ll invest well to get it.

    1. They discover that YOU offer a specific solution or approach designed to get them exactly where they know they want to go.

This means you want to get your compelling message directly and repetitively in front of your target audience by clearly articulating the gap you help them leap over. (Talking about how great coaching is won’t strike a deep enough chord.)

    1. They believe that YOU have a simple system or easy path that will work for them.

This begins with your own belief in the transformation you provide and your ability to deliver that. There’s no doubt in my mind, you’re good for it!

    1. They feel that they cannot afford NOT to invest right now (to solve that problem or reach that outcome).

Help them see the consequences of living without that specific outcome and the rippling benefits of reaching that specific goal now. This is how you help them justify the expense of working with you so that they say, “YES!”

It’s easier to do this than you might think. But I know from experience that most coaches need help to shift their mindset and approach away from selling coaching to an approach that’s consistently profitable. I did. But once I made this shift… look out! I became unstoppable and you can too. This is what I teach coaches.

If you’ve been selling your coaching, it’s time to learn a much better approach. Let me help you identify with 100% confidence:

  1. The ideal coaching niche you serve.
  2. What they really want and don’t want.
  3. How they talk about what they want.

Then, I’ll show you the easy way to craft your message and offers so they’re irresistible.

Here’s  your chance to gain back your time and investment in your coaching business so far by becoming a top-of-mind resource for your coaching niche. It starts with choosing Your Highly Profitable Niche.

There is big transformative energy going on right now in the Universe. I know you can feel it. People and groups all around us are becoming even more innovative and full of passion to transform the world, their lives and situations.

This is the perfect time for you to break through blocks and ride that wave up with a minimum of resistance and effort. Help others to ride that wave too.