Use the Wheel of Life for Your Coaching Business

Remember the Wheel of Life? You might have used this classic coaching tool with your clients, but have you ever thought of creating one for your business? Most entrepreneurs struggle to keep all the balls in the air at once. The Wheel of Life can help.

To set up the sections of your wheel, name the aspects of your business that deserve consistent attention. Be honest with yourself. Don’t leave an activity off your wheel because you find it scary or unpleasant. Your wheel should cover at least these eight aspects (though your language may vary):

Wheel of Life for Your Coaching Business


Building Awareness

To build brand awareness, get “out there” frequently through various channels – networking, social networking, speaking, connect calls – wherever your target audience gathers. Create a buzz, and an assurance that you’re here to stay.


Connect one-to-one or one-to-many with individuals in your target audience, and with spheres of influence. Get to know and understand them, create trust while you grow your list.


Be a bold and transparent promoter of your programs, by delivering a valuable taste of the transformation you provide your target audience in lively experiences. Hint: deliver something they know they really want!


Set up enrolling conversations and moments during your events that funnel ideal clients into your programs.

Serving Clients

Deliver value and foster your clients’ transformation. Stay present to your clients and what they really want. Keep relationships with past clients warm too.


Deliberately reach out for new knowledge and skills when needed, and then fully apply what you’ve learned as soon as possible.


This is the R&D section. Create new concepts and new content, such as blogs, products and programs. Design new experiences and programs for your target audience. Give yourself a target launch date and get your product to market quickly rather than perfectly.


Create and maintain easy systems, savvy teams, and powerful partners, as the bones that support your whole enterprise and you.

How Round Is Your Wheel?

Take a moment right now and give each of these eight areas consideration. On a scale of 1-10, how much energy are you giving each aspect? What desperately needs attention and what can ride for a while on the energy you’ve already given it?

Most of us put most of our time into two or three areas because we favor our strengths, or what’s easiest right now. But if the rest of the wheel is always neglected, it will slow you down like a car with a flat tire, whether you have an established business or you’re just getting started.

The idea isn’t to give your max to every section of the wheel until you drop from exhaustion. The idea is to occasionally take a step back and see what’s getting all the juice, then make adjustments. Develop some powerful habits into a regimen that feels balanced to you for now. Then review every month or so to see if those habits are giving you the return you want.

Keeping the Wheel Balanced

Time blocking is a great way to intentionally give energy to more sections of the wheel. For example, my ideal biz week consists of 6 hours on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and 4 hours on Thursday. I like to take Thursday afternoon and Fridays away from my office. If I focus my schedule and energy in that 22 hours, I can get massive stuff done and make a big impact that translates to increased revenue and great relationships.

My average week is spent this way:

  • 6 hours of client support activities
  • 6 hours in connecting and brand building activities
  • 4 hours in promoting and enrolling activities
  • 2 hours in infrastructure – maintaining systems and team building
  • 4 hours in learning, implementation and developing new offers

Any given week flexes a bit. For example, after a new program launches, client service expands. When I discover a new tool like Google+, learning expands for a few weeks as I incorporate new habits. Or, if I purchase a new system like Infusionsoft, infrastructure and team management takes more time that month. When I’m in a launch period, I work more hours. But aiming to consistently impact all sections of the wheel keeps it round and moving my business forward s-m-o-o-t-h-l-y.

By the way, I purposely didn’t include self care,  spirituality or family, because that’s a different wheel for me. I incorporate it all into my daily habits and allow it to influence what I create in my business.

What regimen works best for you and keeps you balancing a healthy biz? Share any other sections your wheel would have in the comments below.