What’s Your Coaching Website & Ezine Done for You Lately?

Do coaching prospects find what they’re looking for when they land on your site? Is your leads-list growing consistently to bring you a steady stream of ideal coaching clients? Not yet? It’s time to get your website working for you!

Websites don’t work alone. Traffic must be driven to them. Visitors find you through visibility builders — networking, public speaking, group work, blogs, social networking, articles posted in journals or directories and incoming links. If your coaching market is unique enough or what you’re offering is in high demand, search engine optimization (SEO) or pay-per-click methods may send lots of visitors to you.

Ongoing visibility building puts you in contact with thousands of people in your niche market. If your message is compelling, some of those people will visit your site.

Be ready for them! Design your website to:
– Raise awareness about your offerings.
– Engender trust through credibility.
– And, sell your products and coaching programs.

Most people will need to know a bit about you before they buy from you. But you don’t have time to build a private relationship with everyone initially. Your website can be like a virtual reception line keeping connections warm and growing.

Five Keys to Websites that Turn Prospects Into Coaching Clients

Rate your website on a scale of 1 – 10 (10 is best) on each of the five keys.

1. Is it obvious on your home page WHO the site is for?
Generic life coaching sites don’t convert prospects into clients. STAND OUT in the crowd! Attract your clients through distinction:
– Your style, skills and expertise.
– Your highly valuable and relevant offers.
– How you bring results to your niche market’s top challenges and end goals.

2. How well does your coaching website showcase your brand?
Prominently display your brand on every page. Your company name/logo + your professional headshot + your name + your headline, tag line or Unique Benefit Statement = your authentic brand. Once they feel you have solutions for them, ultimately, it’s you they want — your time, your expertise and your coaching. People buy what they relate to.

3. Is your website easy to navigate?
Do visitors know what you want them to do? Take them on a journey that leads to your coaching and products as solutions. And remember, they won’t stay if the site is confusing, overwhelming or bland. Make your site easy to navigate with streamlined text that is compelling to your coaching market.

Your Website’s Prime Directive: Capture visitors’ contact info before they leave your site!

4. Does your website capture qualified leads?
Is your freebie something your niche market wants? Move their eyes to your freebie first. Give them your ezine or blog subscription too, so you can continue to build awareness about you as you build trust through valuable articles that are relevant to their specific challenges. Those leads are your future coaching clients. Take good care of them. Stay in touch.

5. Does your coaching website have a clear call to action?
Are you asking prospects to engage with you? Whether you want them to sign up for your ezine, fill out your contact form, sign up for a teleseminar or buy your ebook — make sure you call them to action.

A call to action implies something positive will happen if they respond immediately! Give them something very valuable up front and lead them to the next step with you, which may be your 1:1 coaching or a relevant workshop or product.

Engage them on your contact page. Create a web form with a few specific questions that your coaching market WANTS to answer, that are related to your value proposition. Ask for their name, phone and email address too. Then when you call to follow up, you’ll have a framework for your conversation.


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