Your Website Has 6 Seconds to Make the Right Impression

In the online marketing world, 6 seconds is a long time. When we surf the Internet or click a link we impatiently look for immediate relevance or we’re outta there and likely never to come back.

That means your website has to make a connection with your target audience super fast! You’d be surprised how easy it is to do this.

https://prosperouscoachblog.comwebsite-6-seconds-impression/What’s in it for Me?

That’s the key question on the minds of your web visitors.

So if you want to…

  • make a great first impression
  • build your list of subscribers
  • sell programs online, and
  • create fans that consistently turn into clients

…your website needs to be written and laid out to do that for you.

The place to begin a great relationship with your ideal future clients is on the home page above the fold.

Above the Fold (or before scrolling)

Think of the size of a small laptop or iPad. When your site comes up what can be seen without scrolling? That’s the prime “above the fold” real estate. If you get that right you’ve got a great chance of making lasting connections with your web visitors.

See, we don’t like to scroll. We’ll only do it if something compels us to take a deeper look.

Make sure that these things are all above the fold on your website:

  1. A clear compelling core message, (also called a USP, UBS or value proposition statement). For coaches, consultants and other service providers this is that sentence that starts with “I help…”  Put it in your header or the first paragraph of content under the header. The higher up the better. It spells out in about 15 words:
    • Who your target audience is.
    • The top tangible outcome you help them get or the acute pain you help them solve. The more specific the better.
  2. An irresistible opt-in that they can download immediately that speaks directly to that top tangible outcome they want or one specific pain point they want to solve.

You can see how in seconds these things answer the BIG QUESTION: What’s in it for me?

I review a lot of websites and only 5% hit the mark on just these two points. If your website isn’t doing anything for you, this is why.

At Home on Your Home Page

Think of your website less as an online brochure and more like a cool coffee shop for your target audience. Connect with them. Make them feel at home. Give them a treat that keeps them coming back for more.

DON’T make it all about you and what you do. Nobody cares about that until they are ready to hire you. Unless they already know, like and trust you, you’ll lose them if this is what your website is about. Sure, weave in some credible points and have a great “About” page, but most of your site is about them, not you.

DO make it about them and what’s most important to them. Then, they feel understood. They tune in and read on. They want to engage with you and share you as a resource with their friends.

Obviously, to speak to what’s important to them you’ll want to find out:

  • What makes them tick?
  • What keeps them up at night?
  • What do they say they want most?
  • What motivates them to invest in support?

Test Your Website

Go to your website now, take an objective look and ask yourself:

Have I connected with what’s most important to my target audience in seconds and without scrolling?

If not, you’re missing sign ups and turning away new clients.

So how’d you do? Share your comments in the ‘Leave a Message’ section below. I’d love to know how your website is working for you and any questions you have about this. I promise I’ll reply

Want more help with this?

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