Five Time Saving Resources for Coaches

Time is the biggest limitation that coaches face. If you place a high value on your time, you’re using prosperity thinking. You’ll make better choices and attract more of what you really want.

One way to leverage your time is to invest in resources that shorten your learning curves and ease time-consuming tasks. You’ll be freed up to double or triple your income.

Tried and True Coaching Business Resources

Use it to create and deliver your coaching ezine and automated follow-up messages. You can also set it up to blast your blog to email subscribers. Shopping cart autoresponders and other email systems pale in comparison to Aweber’s deliverability rates, customer service, cutting edge technology, and interface with social media.

This is a highly useful and inexpensive audio recording and storage system. Record your teleseminars, private or group coaching calls, create your own mp3s and CDs and put streaming or downloadable audio on your web or blog site.

Never chase a check! Coaching clients appreciate being able to use credit cards for your fees. This professional merchant account allows you to sell your programs and products online as well. They’ve been serving coaches for a decade and understand your needs. And it’s easy to upgrade to their shopping cart and affiliate program.

This is the best free bridgeline service. You’ll love their dashboard to control features of each call.

Simply the best client management system, Coaches Console gives you a professional image, tracks your coaching call notes and hours for certification. It makes accounting a breeze and streamlines all your client communications. You’ll never be disorganized. As the coaching field has grown, Coaches Console keeps improving their system for exactly what coaches need. UNTIL AUGUST 5, get 50% off the set up fees in their Sizzlin Summer Sale.

Two All-in-One Services for Coaches

I wish this had been around when I started my membership programs. This combines your own Ning-like social networking and membership site rolled into one, plus a lot more. Create your own membership packages, ecourses, events and set access rights according to your own rules. The best thing about this system is the ability to micro-customize everything. They listen to their customers and are committed to upgrading. It’s easy to use, elegant looking and low priced.

An easy website creation system with full database management for dozens of applications. It includes simple website and blog management features, hosting, discussion boards, event registration. The backend user interface is easy to use.

And One Must Have Training for Coaches…

If you haven’t landed on a niche that brings you a constant flow of clients, this eight week workshop will change your life. You’ll come away with:

  • The best niche market for you.
  • How to position yourself as essential to them.
  • Client-winning language to attract your ideal clients.
  • A suite of core services they will want to buy from you.

Every coach needs this solid foundation to have a financially rewarding and soul-satisfying coaching business. Learn more about Champion Your Ideal Coaching Market.