Ten Handy No-Cost Online Tools for Your Coaching Business

A secret to enjoying your coaching business is staying organized. There are so many great tools available online to help you. Most are no cost and easy to use. Here are ten of my recent favorites.

Free Conferencing
Want to do your own teleclasses or meet with a client on a bridgeline so you can easily record the call? There are lots of free bridgelines now, but this one is the best because you can have up to 1000 people on your call without a reservation, and it shows you who dialed in!

Oovoo Video Conferencing
If you’d like to look your clients in the eye, then this video conferencing solution is for you. Send your clients the link and the two of you can chat virtually while face-to-face.

Time Zone Converter
Do you have international coaching clients? Find out the time anywhere in the world with this time zone converter so you can coordinate schedules.

Survey Gizmo
Find out exactly what’s important to your target market. Create quizzes and surveys for your coaching clients and prospects. This online app is sleeker and more user friendly than Survey Monkey. It has nifty options for responses to your questions, including drag and drop ordering.

Time Trade
This app is perfect for automatically setting up consults and coaching sessions based on your availability and sync it to your Google, Mac, or Outlook calendar. Both you and your client will receive a reminder.

Here’s a different kind of online scheduler that allows you to send out invitations with suggested appointment times. Once your invitee has picked a time, you will be notified of the appointment confirmation. Tungle.me also syncs with your Google, Mac, and Outlook calendar.

Remember the Milk
To organize your life and business to-dos from anywhere, try Remember the Milk. This robust reminder software solution allows you email yourself tasks, set reminders and syncs with your Apple product or Google calendar. You can also collaborate with others on projects.

Why spend your resources on business cards when you can get nice ones for free?

Drop Box
If you have more than one computer, then you know the pain of having to email yourself files when you are at another location. Drop Box allows you to synchronize your files so that have the most up-to-date information available wherever you are. Additional features such as file sharing allow you to share certain file folders with clients. Dropbox keeps a back-up of all your files on their server, so in the event your computer crashes, you’re covered!

Everyone knows about Google search, but did you know about all of Google’s other free tools?

Gmail allows you to subscribe to all the blog feeds you want, but read them when it is convenient to you without more emails in your inbox.

Google Docs allows you to create, upload, download and collaborate in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, drawings and presentations with your VA or colleagues. Having your collaborative files online gives you the ability to access files from anywhere with an internet connection.

Google Calendar helps you track your available time and appointments with your VA or other members of your team. And of course, you can sync your calendar with Mac Mail or Outlook.

Google Reader Get all your blogs and news feeds fast. Having your non-essential email routed to Google will reduce your overwhelm and you can set aside reading time to go review your feed.

Google Alerts tracks your keywords, competitors, even online mentions of you and your business.

What other online tools are you using? Comment and share your favorite online tools.