Want a sneak peek for the big unveiling?

You can learn a lot by seeing how other business owners are doing things, not to compare yourself to them, but to catalyze your own ideas. What’s behind the decisions entrepreneurs make? What kind of technology are they using? And how do they plan to serve their target audience?

I’m pulling back the curtain so you can have a peek at what we’ve been up to at Prosperous Coach. It’s BIG!

First, a word about continuous improvement. I don’t know about you, but almost as soon as I write a blog or launch a new program, I have better ideas. I hear from my clients what’s confusing, overwhelming or stopping them. And then I figure out how to help them solve those problems and streamline things for them.

To me that’s all part of service. For you too? A business can’t be in cruise mode forever. Innovation keeps things fresh for you and the people who follow you.

Take a peek at what’s new at Prosperous Coach…

My Coaching Niche Gets a Refinement

You know how the more you work with clients, the more clear you become about who YOUR ideal clients are? I’m making another refinement to the profile of my ideal client…

You see, entrepreneurship really does it for me. It makes me sing, dance a jig and get a high beam smile. So reluctant entrepreneurs — perpetual students, hobbyists or folks who aren’t motivated to do well financially while they do good in the world — won’t want my support unless they are 100% ready to power up.

Everything I’m writing and delivering from now on is for enthusiastic business owners. The freedom of being their own boss and earning a soul-satisfying living is part of their core values, not something they are working against. Every day they show up and move through their fear to make the tough decisions and take the high payoff actions that get them where they want to go. An ongoing thriving business isn’t a nice idea they’re trying, it’s is a 10 out of 10. They WILL have it! Their business is the territory of their spiritual growth. They are driven to powerfully and positively impact thousands of people while growing wealth consciousness.

Infusionsoft Gets My Business

I’m powering up the back end of my business too so I can better serve those enthusiastic entrepreneurs. For years I’ve been hearing great things about this all-in-one system — Infusionsoft. So in May and June we took the leap and transferred everything over.

Infusionsoft plays well with WordPress and includes list management, shopping cart, affiliate system, autoresponders, broadcasts, analytics, and campaign management, all under one “roof”. There’s also an add-on content management system for my membership programs.

My team loves Infusionsoft because it’s efficient to manage everything under one login and interface. I love it because it’s giving me tons of tools I’ve never had before so I can be even more responsive to the people I serve.

My Signature Program Gets a Massive Makeover

Over 300 coaches and other service entrepreneurs have graduated from my signature program – Champion Your Ideal Coaching Market – over the last three years. In July, I redesigned it from top to bottom so that it’s not just knowledge transfer but also an implementation community.

I believe in “get it done together” systems that help each individual integrate key learning points and thrive within a matrix of like-minded people on parallel paths. Diversity is beautiful, so why not unleash the power of it, so each voice contributes to the success of all? Here is what we did in the make it over:

  • Changed the title to Your Highly Profitable Niche.
  • Expanded to 10 weeks for spaciousness to learn and transform.
  • Instead of teleseminars, webinars will illuminate key points and strategies.
  • 3 community implementation calls provide a forum for brainstorming and feedback.
  • A private social network allows members to interact, share ideas and inspire each other 24/7.
  • Everyone will have an accountability buddy to build momentum and confidence.
  • And bonuses have been upgraded to provide more personalized support from me.


What’s new for your biz? What dreams are beginning to manifest for you? Share in the comments here and also let me know your thoughts about what I’ve said here.