4 Keys to Creating Results-Getting Emails For a Small Mailing List – by Milana Leshinsky

This is a guest blog post by my friend and colleague — the “MEGA Coach” Milana Leshinsky.

If you’ve been doing business online for more than a week, you probably already heard this very common expression: “money is in the list.” True, the more people you have on your mailing list, the more people will read your e-mails, and the more products and programs you will sell.

But did you know that even people with thousands of subscribers may still be struggling financially?

That’s because the secret is not in the SIZE of your list, but in the QUALITY of your communication with your subscribers. Yes, it’s certainly easier with a bigger list. But until you master these 4 critical keys of communicating with your list, you may find yourself struggling for cash and clients regardless of how big it is.

Here are the 4 secrets to creating great results with your small mailing list:

1. Relevance

Starting with the subject line and ending with the P.S., your e-mails must be highly relevant to your subscribers. In order to send highly relevant emails to your small mailing list, you need to know what their biggest challenges are. For this reason I highly recommend sending out a survey and reading results carefully. One of the big reasons people unsubscribe or ignore e-mails is because they’re not relevant to their biggest challenges, goals, and dreams. As Dan Kennedy once said, you must enter the conversation already happening in their mind!

2. Specificity

General success e-mails are very common and can be easily ignored. Specific information with unique angles are the types of e-mails that get opened, read, and acted upon! For example, instead of giving people general career advice, narrow your e-mails down to specific pain points: creating a resume that stands out, answering tough interview questions, asking for a salary increase, and so on.

3. Personality

Be interesting, fun, personal, and real. Don’t be afraid to take a stand and share your opinion in your e-mails! Remember, people can find information anywhere – it’s your take on it and your leadership they crave. If you believe in your approach, tell people why. Don’t rehash information you assembled from other sources. Coincidentally, these kind of e-mails are much easier to write, since you don’t need to do much research!

4. Action

You can’t change lives with a single e-mail. That’s why it only makes sense to give people a resource, where they can get more help with the issue you’re writing about. Include a link to your product, program, blog post, video, or audio, and invite them to click on it. It seems obvious, but results show that asking people to take specific action will get more people to actually click. Don’t be afraid to make an offer in your e-mail. As long as it’s relevant to the topic you just discussed, and can help your readers succeed, it’s critical that you give them the next step!

Use these 4 keys consistently, and you will be able to generate great income even with a small mailing list!

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Milana LeshinskyMilana Leshinsky has been called the “MEGA Coach” of the industry. Today she works with entrepreneurs and service professionals helping them uncover hidden profit centers, maximize their existing revenue streams, and create a business that supports their lifestyle. Milana reached six figures with a list of only 2000+ people, and will teach her best strategies on her FREE teleclass this week: http://www.SmallListBigMoney.com