The Perfect Client from a Web Designer’s Perspective

This is a guest post by my colleague, Jess Webb, the aptly named Goddess of Marketing and ace web designer. And by the way, guys, these tips about what you bring to the table with a web designer apply to you too!

As a web designer for passionate, heart-centered women entrepreneurs, I’ve found that there are some common characteristics and qualities that make someone my dream client. And it’s a beautiful thing to team up with someone who is that perfect fit, where we both enjoy working together and I can catch their vision and get excited with them about making it happen.

Do you see yourself in any of these?

She has a target market and is clear on what those people want

As a web designer, it is very challenging and frustrating to try and build an online presence for someone who doesn’t know who they are serving. Or someone who is trying to reach a very general, broad audience. In both of these cases, their message will be extremely watered down, and it makes it difficult – even impossible – to create a cohesive, effective website. You can’t build an online presence that will attract your perfect client if you don’t yet know who that is.

She understands the importance & value of her online presence

She knows how important her website, and the rest of her online presence, is to market and build her business. She gets that it is one of the best investments she can make in herself and her business. And she’s ready to dive in and go for it, to make her dreams come true.

Working with someone like this is a delight! When you’re ready to make things happen you are committed to doing the planning and taking the action needed to bring it all together. When I team up with someone like this, it’s almost like miracles happen because now we’re both focused on the project and 100% committed to not just getting it done, but doing it with excellence and creating something that will truly support you and your business and serve as a strong platform for your message and your mission here on planet earth.

She is organized and already has an idea of what she wants

You don’t have to have everything figured out for your website before you team up with a designer. In fact, a good designer will also serve as a guide to help you figure out just what you need and what will work best for your business. However, you should have a pretty clear idea of where you’re going with your business and how you want your website to support you in that.

It’s also helpful when you have some ideas on how you want it to look. Maybe you’d like to use certain colors, or you have a list of other websites that inspire you, or you know you like lots of white space with splashes of color, or you know how you want your website to make you (and your perfect clients) feel. (Yes, the feeling piece is very important.)

She is serious about her big mission and fulfilling that through her business

My favorite person to work with is a woman on a mission, who is excited about what she’s up to and committed to making a difference through her business. She’s ready to play a bigger game, she knows she’s meant to serve a LOT more people, and she won’t let anything stop her from going after her dream.

When I team up with someone like that we become an unstoppable duo! I bring the techy and design skills, she brings her big message and vision, and together we can create a powerful, irresistible platform to help her shine brilliantly with her unique gifts so she can reach so many more of those people she is here to help and make the difference she is here to make on this planet.


JessWebb-MainHeadshotJess is a Web Marketing Goddess who helps women entrepreneurs create an irresistible website and social media presence, to attract their ideal clients and make more money. She has a deep knowledge of marketing, including what works, and how to do it in a way that is authentic and feels good. She can help you create an irresistible online presence to grow your business and share your big message with the people who need what you have to offer. If you’d like to see how Jess can help you and your business, you are invited to apply for a complimentary Be Irresistible Online Strategy Session.