Is online coaching effective?

It’s a good question.

Once I would have said “no”. Fresh out of coaching school in 1997, I was a purist and believed a coach has to be in real time connection with their client for coaching to be email can have a huge impact for your coaching business

Now, 15 years into coaching, I’d say “yes” as one of several ways you effect change with clients. Sometimes small incremental shifts have a huge impact. Those kinds of shifts are absolutely possible through online coaching.

Think of it this way, have you ever read a passage in a book that transformed your thinking? Then you know that a powerful question or message can do the same thing online.

There is one caveat…

You must understand your niche market deeply to provide meaningful online coaching. That’s the beauty of narrowing your focus to serve one unique group. You become an expert in them and can provide a positive impact in diverse ways.

Multiple Pathways to Transformation

For 8 years I only offered private coaching and that was appropriate to the times. But in 2006 I diversified my offerings because the Internet opened up all sorts of unique ways to touch lives. And, I wanted to serve more people and earn more for my time.

I recommend that coaches package their services to offer multiple pathways to transformation. For example, a high ticket Mastermind can include group coaching, training, private coaching, products and a community forum where online coaching is possible.

In fact, clients expect you to serve them through multiple formats beyond one-to one such as audio, video, and online forums that allow them to connect with like-minded people.

When you expand your offerings into multi-service packages you help your clients experience your message in different ways that spark their own wisdom and development.

So, yes! Add online coaching to your offers.

Want a fun way to add in online coaching? My friend, Nicola Byrd, is a coach who designed a brilliant online coaching tool for coaches. It’s an easy way to:

  • create multiple format packages
  • drip your knowledge out to your clients in your favorite way
  • engage them with automated coaching questions, and
  • give them access to a secure community forum to learn from each other

Grab a seat in Nicola’s free webinar called How To Package Up Your Expertise and Sell More Than Your Time. I have clients who have based their entire business on Nicola’s system and it revolutionized the way they serve and earn.