How a book can bring you more clients

This article is by go-to book publishing expert, John Eggen, of Mission Marketing Mentors.

Did you realize that the moment you decide to write a book, you can begin to leverage the idea to attract new clients and revenue? are 3 ultra-simple ways to earn up to $150,000 from your book (BEFORE it’s even published).

1. Turn Every Email You Send into a Client Magnet

  • Create an email signature line that announces you are authoring a book.
  • Then place the title in the signature line for your emails using these exact words: “Author of the forthcoming book, (insert your title and subtitle here).”

Is online coaching effective?

It’s a good question.

Once I would have said “no”. Fresh out of coaching school in 1997, I was a purist and believed a coach has to be in real time connection with their client for coaching to be email can have a huge impact for your coaching business

Now, 15 years into coaching, I’d say “yes” as one of several ways you effect change with clients. Sometimes small incremental shifts have a huge impact. Those kinds of shifts are absolutely possible through online coaching.

Think of it this way, have you ever read a passage in a book that transformed your thinking? Then you know that a powerful question or message can do the same thing online.

There is one caveat…

Is your coaching business scalable?

When you’re a solopreneur — coach, consultant or other service provider — the biggest limiter of your income is your time. We all only have so much, and who wants to give it all to their business? Having more time to enjoy life is one of the big reasons I’m working for myself. You too?

If you want to make a six figure plus income, it’s critical to leverage your time and move beyond one-to-one coaching or time for money services. The easiest way to scale up, boost income and serve more people without working more hours is to create “passive” income streams.

Passive income is generated from a product or subscription-based program that you create once but can sell anytime to unlimited clients and deliver automatically. Your time isn’t caught up in live delivery. It’s the best way to get off the money for time treadmill.

5 Tips for Successfully Launching your Coaching Program

This is a Guest Post by my friend and colleague, Milana Leshinsky.

Using a product launch to fill your coaching program is one of the best marketing strategies ever invented! The following are some of my most important key strategies that will help you launch your program successfully. Any time you get away from these principles, your launch results may suffer.

1. Think like a newbie.


Experience can cloud your judgment, and what appears simple to you, maybe a complex idea for others to grasp. So, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and simplify concepts as if you are talking to a 5th grader.

3 Ways to Make Old Income Streams New Again — by Andrea Lee

This is a guest blog post by my friend — the fabulous Andrea Lee of Wealthy Thought Leader.

Most of us follow systems in a very step-by-step way, which is useful sometimes – but if you want to light a fire within you that is sustainable and will burn brightly for a long time to come, you’ve got to adapt; to align those step-by-step principles to whatever makes you unique.

That’s my specialty: helping business owners like you to reach 6 and even 7 figures, on your terms, by harnessing innovation and your unique connectivity.

That being said, I know that the pain of your current income streams not working is very real – and that’s why I’ve put together this post on digging deeper into the ideas you already have, and into the hope behind them, and innovating.


Without further ado, here are 3 ways to make old income streams new again:

1. Keep the content, change the level of support.

Here’s an example: Best-selling author Michael Port, designer of the “Book Yourself Solid” business-building program, offered several traditional workshops. He didn’t need help with his workshops so much – he’s very successful in his own right, in case you don’t already know him – but he’s very much an innovator and had a few smooth moves up his sleeve.

To make his ‘old income streams’ fresh, and re-purpose the same content, he designed a new type of workshop – one in which 12 people would come to his house and get a dramatically increased level of service. He didn’t have to recreate his content; he simply changed the level of support. And it’s been hugely successful – people are willing to pay top dollar to meet with Michael in this “knee-to-knee, heart-to-heart” format.

What does this make you think of – in regards to your own business and experience? Could you add a level of support to any of your existing products, similar to what Michael role modeled for us?

Quick Fixes for 10 Group Coaching Mistakes Nearly Everyone Makes the First Time

Group coaching, masterminds, teleclasses and workshops are fantastic ways to leverage your time, earn significantly more and give your tribe a richer experience that has lasting impact. But if you are not used to working with groups, it can feel a bit intimidating.

group coaching Rhonda HessThe best advice I can give you is allow yourself to be vulnerable and let connection and collaboration take the lead. Sure be the authority, but also understand in your heart that the magic of groups is in the group

Everyone makes mistakes. They are never fatal to the program. At worst you might upset someone, but if you’re tracking the energy, you’ll know that and can easily make up for it by being real, owning your mistake and offering an offline private conversation. I’ve been amazed how in those circumstances the individuals always come back as more enthusiastic contributors who take leaps in the program.

Here some favorite facilitation mistakes and how to avoid or correct them.

  1. Too much information
    Limit yourself to 3 key points for every 90-minute period. Illustrate your point with powerful open-ended questions, exercises and stories that are relevant.

How to Create a High Ticket Coaching Package

Is it time for you to have your own high ticket coaching package? If you prefer to work with clients at a deep level, but want to move on from classic one to one coaching into long term group coaching, then you’re ready to create a bundled program your clients will love! And why not significantly amp up your profits while you’re at it?

Go for high quality, high impact time with your clients. But be sure to play to your strengths while also considering what people in your market really want. Some markets will be too busy for individual calls and prefer live events at an exciting destination where they can tack on vacation time. Some markets will want more “hand holding”, so you’ll want to load on opportunities for both group and private support.

Bundle Together Lots of Goodies

It’s really “anything goes” when it comes to designing your high ticket coaching package so feel free to get really creative as long as you know it will please you and your market. Here are a few tried and true features you can mix and match.

Keep in mind, what makes a program worth the big ticket price is proximity to you and in depth experiences.

Create a High Ticket Coaching PackageGroup calls — Offer one type or a combination of group coaching, mentoring, educational teleseminars, and/or mastermind calls.

Small group support —Break your larger group into sub-groups with mini-masterminds or monthly or weekly accountability buddies.

Private coaching by phone — Include 1:1 sessions of any length that are pre-scheduled or set “open coaching” time periods on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Live events — These could be private or group half-day or full-day intensives or retreats.

Online connection — Provide some sort of low touch venue for members in your group to connect, ask questions, share wins and challenges, such as private social networks or Q&A forums.