4 Ways to Make your Teleseminars Impactful and Memorable – by Kim Clausen

This is a guest blog post by my friend and colleague — Kim Clausen.

Have you ever been to a teleseminar where you felt like the person leading the call was a slimy sales person who had no interest in you except to get your money? Most of us have, and it’s no fun.

On the contrary, have you ever been to a teleseminar where the leader was warm, engaging, trusting and provided great value?

As a teleseminar leader you want to conduct a training that is memorable, transformational, and makes a positive impact on your attendees. And to do that, there are four key elements to consider – and they all start with the heart.

Imagine a picture of a heart divided into 4 quadrants.

In the first quadrant, is the word welcome. Make your participants feel welcome. Greet them when they come on the line and call them by name. Let them feel that you are glad they are there.

In the 2nd quadrant, is the word safe. Create a safe and positive environment. Tell participants they are going to receive valuable information on the call, and that they will have fun. Create a place for them to share and be affirmed, to be vulnerable and not judged, to be valued for their opinions and knowledge. Deliver a teleseminar that provides great value and is not a camouflaged sales pitch.

In the 3rd quadrant, is the word involved. Whenever possible, seek audience participation and involvement.  Ask questions, give quizzes, role-play with participants, engage in a dialog with them, have them fill in handouts or draw pictures. Engage participants in a variety of ways.

In the 4th quadrant, is the word affirmed.  Affirm participants and make them feel valued and heard.  Thank them for participating, call them by name and refer back to things they have said.

So, next time you conduct a teleseminar, do it from the heart.  Your participants will feel welcome, safe, involved and affirmed.

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Kim Clausen founded Ready2Go Marketing Solutions as a way to help solopreneurs more easily market their business by providing completely developed workshops, teleseminars, speeches and more that they brand as their own to grow their business. Kim also created the Confident Teleseminar Leader program to give professionals a platform to practice their online presentation skills, overcome their speaking fears, increase their confidence and become better leaders.

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