12 Things That Make a Preview Teleseminar Rock

You can learn almost anything by watching mentors who are already successful. I call it “observe, model, test and tweak”. Of course it’s also really handy to learn the “insider secrets” from experts and get templates that short cut your way to a great teleseminar.

When I think of the best teleseminars I’ve experienced, here’s what they all have going for them:
12 Things That Make a Preview Teleseminar Rock

    1. Hot Topic

Emails and social networking posts convey a pinpointed topic that’s highly relevant to me and makes it clear why I should sign up.

    1. Rockin’ Key Points

What will be covered is intriguing enough that I commit in my calendar to attend live.

    1. Outstanding Optin

There’s an obvious link to optin, the page looks great, covers all details and benefits and it’s easy to sign up.

    1. Clear Details

I immediately receive clear instructions in my inbox to get to the call. And before the call, I get a reminder with all the details plus more inspiration to attend.

    1. Powerful Presence

On the call, the thought leader starts on time, comes across as authentic, authoritative, relaxed and upbeat.

    1. Connection & Credibility

The thought leader shares their personal story in a way that makes me want to listen closely to everything they say.

    1. Focus Features

The thought leader lays out exactly what will be covered so I can take clear notes, or there’s a handout to follow along that keeps me focused.

    1. Interaction

There’s an opportunity for asking questions and getting answers.

    1. Tasty Takeaways

I learn at least one thing that inspires me, shifts my mindset, clarifies, corrects or educates me on something I can implement right now.

    1. Opportunity to Go Deeper

There’s an appealing offer to learn more and get support from the thought leader through a paid product or group program.

    1. Sense of Urgency

I’m clear that the opportunity is limited in some way, either by time or number of people allowed in the group. There are some juicy fast action bonuses I really want.

  1. Decisive Action

I know, or can easily find out, everything I need to decide if I want to engage in their program now. Signing up is easy.


When I attend a teleseminar that does all these things, I’m impressed, even if there were a few technical snafus or imperfections. In fact, whether I enroll in the paid program or not, I will follow this thought leader by signing up for their free offer on their website.

And when I run my own preview teleseminars, this is what I’m aiming for.

Keep in mind that perfection is never necessary and in fact, being real is much more important that having everything together. Every time you give a preview teleseminar you’ll learn more and have more fun. Plus think of the exciting income you’ll earn and people you’ll serve!

Please share anything you think I left out in the comments below. And I encourage you to set a plan to host a preview teleseminar and launch your own group early in 2012. You can do it.