5 Tips for Successfully Launching your Coaching Program

This is a Guest Post by my friend and colleague, Milana Leshinsky.

Using a product launch to fill your coaching program is one of the best marketing strategies ever invented! The following are some of my most important key strategies that will help you launch your program successfully. Any time you get away from these principles, your launch results may suffer.

1. Think like a newbie.


Experience can cloud your judgment, and what appears simple to you, maybe a complex idea for others to grasp. So, put yourself in your prospect’s shoes and simplify concepts as if you are talking to a 5th grader.

2. One core concept per message.

Whatever your communication medium maybe (videos, emails, podcasts), make sure you limit yourself to one important concept per message. The idea is not to overwhelm your audience with information, but give them one interesting idea to think about at a time.

3. One option.

Giving people too many choices when they do not understand the very basics will only leave them confused. Focus on teaching them one path, explain why that is the best choice, and stand by it. (For example, there are many ways to launch coaching programs, but I focus on ONE specific path – a 28-day timeline proven to work!)

4. Don’t share everything you know on the topic.

Focus on the most exciting information that will inspire your prospects and give them time to absorb what you have said. Giving too much information can actually overwhelm people and deter them from buying from you.

5. Make it as simple as you can for Joint Venture Partners to support you.

Respect their time and make the promotion process as convenient for them as possible. Don’t send them a huge todo list at once. Instead give them time to focus on one thing at a time and do whatever you can


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Milana Leshinsky

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