Know the Most Important Half of Your Coaching Niche

The best way to attract clients shifted dramatically when social networks sprang up and became massively popular. People started sorting themselves into sub-sub-groups based on messages that attract them, and filtering out everything else. It’s changed how our potential clients focus their attention, form alliances and make buying decisions.

Seth Godin’s game changing book Tribes talks about these groups and urges entrepreneurs to become leaders of a tribe.

What does this game change mean to you? If you want to do well financially while you do good in the world, it’s more important than ever before to stand out in the crowd of service providers and stand up for a unique “tribe” of your own which means choosing a viable coaching niche. You can do this!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you have to be a social networking expert to attract clients steadily. I’m saying that the phenomenon of social networks has changed the way people are attracted to mentors and professional resources. It’s reduced the effectiveness of standard selling and marketing techniques.

Responding to the Sea Change

Leading coaches, consultants and trainers have felt this sea change, and have been making shifts in the way they attract clients.

I encourage you to follow suit. Stop trying to convince people to buy your coaching, consulting and training. Instead, show your tribe (also called a coaching niche, target market or target audience) that you understand them and can help them get where they most want to go right now.

If your message is specific and hits the mark, they will follow you, refer other like-minded people to you, and help you raise your star while doing what you love.

When you focus in on a unique and narrow group of target clients, it’s easy to speak to the heart of what’s important to them. On the other hand, if your message is general, it won’t break through the filters or strike a resonant chord. It will be ignored or deleted without a second thought.

Market Like You Serve

Let me assure you… this is wonderful news! Why? Because it means that you can market more like you serve. Instead of convincing, you connect. Instead of selling, you lead. In fact, marketing becomes a fun part of your service. Your messages more authentically engage your target audience. And when you’ve got their attention, they are already interested in becoming your client.

The more narrowly you niche, the easier your marketing task is. In fact your clients will do a lot of your marketing for you, because you become the go-to resource for a unique, small “tribe” of people.

If you don’t know much about who you’re serving, are still selling what you do, or aren’t getting the attention you want from prospects, it’s time to niche more fully and narrowly.

Do You Know Both Halves of Your Coaching Niche?

What does it take to focus and solidify both halves of your niche — your specialty and your target audience? It boils down to just three steps:

  1. Choose a viable target audience.
  2. Find out what they want right now.
  3. Craft messages and offers that pass through the filters and strike a resonant chord.

I have an easy and fun process for all of these steps, so that new clients seek you out, ready to enroll.