Ep 25 – The Irresistible Thing About You That Enrolls Coaching Clients

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Show Notes

This Episode is part of the Smart Mindsets & Habits series. Today we’re exploring how to show up for Discovery Sessions and other enrollment moments in a way that inspires a person to sign up for your coaching programs.

I’m glad to report that I no longer worry about the enrollment moment, even when I’m sharing the price of my signature VIP mentoring program. There are a few reasons for that …

First, I’ve been having Discovery Sessions nearly every week for the last 17 years. Experience does count.

If this is a scary thing for you, that’s understandable.

Have as many Discovery Sessions as you can, because you’ll get better and better at it. And, it is the best way to enroll clients.

Another reason I don’t worry is that I’ve learned to detach from outcome. It’s a critical mindset for anyone who is selling something — especially when you’re selling you!

And the amazing thing is that taking the expectation or desperation for ‘yes’ out of the moment actually relieves pressure for both you and your prospect.

They sense your ease and THAT is attractive in and of itself.

I’ve talked about Discovery Sessions in episode #19, which you’ll find helpful if you missed it before. And in the show notes for that episode you can get a copy of my 10 step cheat sheet with enrollment questions and a Discovery Session process that works beautifully.

For this episode, I’m diving into more mindset pieces. And mindset truly is something you can control.

Don’t Perform. Connect.

Thank goodness that we live in a time where realness is valued. Not very long ago stiff professionalism was revered. In blogs, presentations, speaking gigs, the style was to show up buttoned up and polished.

Can you imagine?

It’s not like that anymore. In fact, most people in most circumstances prefer a more relaxed, accessible style.

So as a coach, whether you’re writing web copy or social posts or giving a presentation, the rule of the day is be yourself. Connect.

Don’t bother trying to be perfect.

That’s doubly true for the enrollment moment whether that’s in a Discovery Session or at the pitch point in a webinar.

Honor Them With Vulnerability

You know who taught me how to enroll? My clients. And also the prospects who walked away.

Over the years I noticed something that perhaps should have been obvious … I noticed that when prospects showed up enthusiastic I wanted to work with them!

My favorite clients are authentically enthusiastic people. They are simultaneously enthusiastic and doubtful. Enthusiastic and fearful. Enthusiasm can carry through and stand out over other emotions.

And so I learned from them that enthusiasm is irresistible!

And there’s something else that draws me to people who are a good fit for me … vulnerability.

Okay, you might be thinking … “But Rhonda, they are the prospect, the client. You are the professional so you have to show up differently.”

Not so much.

When I work with coaches I encourage them to say to their first few prospects something like “I’d love to have you as one of my first clients.”

That vulnerability will absolutely be appreciated. And it let’s you be where you are in your stage of business rather than having to pretend.

One of the things that listeners have told me repeatedly about my podcast is that they really appreciate that I share my mistakes and failures – past and current. They appreciate that I’m real with them.

And many of these listeners hire me for Strategy Sessions and go on to become a long term client. So you see that me revealing my human-ness did not deter them.

I want to take a moment and give a SHOUT OUT to Clive from Adelaide, South Australia who wrote to me recently, saying:

Hi there, Rhonda, I just recently stumbled onto your podcasts and immediately:

  • Listened to them all.
  • Connected to the content and intention.
  • Joined your Facebook Group.
  • Connected to you.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are probably the most genuine and candid person around. You have an incredible gift, Rhonda. God Bless you. I just believe it is appropriate that you know that your work and contribution is top drawer — a true labour of love.

When I get emails and reviews like this, I bring my hands up to my heart to take it in. I bow to the person clasping my hands together in gratitude. Because we all know how wonderful and rare it is to receive thanks and recognition.

Clive, I am honored by your beautiful feedback! It’s a classy thing to do. Thank you.

My point in sharing Clive’s note with you is that being genuine and candid is something you can do in all of your connections and especially during your Discovery Sessions.

Brene Brown, my favorite speaker and non-fiction author, said:

Vulnerability is not knowing victory or defeat,

it’s understanding the necessity of both;

it’s engaging. It’s being all in.

Think about it … being ALL IN is irresistible.

Your vulnerability, enthusiasm and transparency are infectious. You will be repaid in kind. And then, whatever happens — whether the person hires you or not — they will think of you as a real human being and carry away the fact that you honored them.

And I believe that being all in signals the Universe to help you with your goals. It’s good will that you’re putting out there, which is good for all of us.

No More Smoke and Mirrors

I just mentioned transparency. That’s another irresistible way to show up.

Some training programs that teach you a tactic — a way of using, for example, a webinar or some other type of group or online enrollment technique — may imply that you have to trick a person into staying for the pitch at the end of the program.

It makes you feel kinda skeevy.

I think there’s less of this than there used to be. But if you hear that from someone, don’t buy into it.

You show up smart and high integrity when you let people know what your intentions are up front.

For example, on my website, on the page called Work with Rhonda, there’s a form to fill out to apply to work with me. It’s transparent. I offer people who fill out that form a Discovery Session.

And I say to them: “Let’s talk soon. I want to learn more about your vision and share how I can help you take leaps in your coaching business.”


That way there’s no expectation that I’m going to coach them or help them solve problems in that Discovery Session. It’s an opportunity to connect, to learn about each other and see if we’re a good fit.

That means that they know what our mutual gift of time is all about.

Sure, there’s some other smart things to do when you’re marketing. I talk about those a lot. But right now we’re focusing on mindset.

You can apply transparency to emails, event announcements, the beginning of a webinar — however you’re going to enroll clients. You’ll feel better to being real with people. And you’ll only attract people who truly want what you’re offering.

That frees you up energetically in your marketing.

So to review … the irresistible thing about you that enrolls coaching clients is your …

  • Enthusiasm
  • Vulnerability
  • Transparency

Now, I have a challenge for you …

Do everything you can to set up weekly Discovery Sessions with your ideal audience.

If you want to enroll 10 clients in the next 60 days, you’ll get them by doing, at the very least, 10 Discovery Sessions or some other enrollment process.

Don’t wait for people to find you. Have a habit and a conversion process in place to drive people to your website for a valuable free offer and after they get that, invite them to a Discovery Session with you.

That’s how you’ll earn well, become known and enjoy your business.

The Next Episode is an ON AIR COACHING session called: Can You Attract Coaching Clients As A Thought Leader?

Stay inspired and make things happen!