Ep 190 – How to Quickly Gain Expertise in Your Coaching Niche

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Episode Transcript

Perception is a huge factor in early coaching business success. The way that your target audience perceives you makes all the difference in how easily you attract clients, how many clients you enroll and how well you earn.

So where does that leave you if you’re a new coach? Isn’t this a Catch 22? No. A new coach can show expertise from day one.

Look I’m not talking about being an expert coach … although if you already have years of coaching under your belt and have coached hundreds of clients – that’s a certain kind of expertise that’s marketable. But a new coach wouldn’t have that yet.

Your Experience Could Be a Primer for Expertise

Let’s get a more fluid definition of expertise here.

What do you bring to the table to help your target audience solve their BIG PROBLEM and reach their ultimate goal based on your life and work experience?

Sure, you might be new to coaching and/or new to running a business but you’re not new to life, are you?

If you’re willing to go there and have amassed experience in a field, industry, role, a topic or even a certain stage of life it’s possible to leverage that when you choose a target audience and niche.

So this is a big part of how I help coaches choose a profitable niche. I’m looking for what — in their personal story, life or work experience — is a clue to a great niche for them because I know how powerful preceived credibility is for people that are considering hiring you.

Check out episode 85 – How Can New Coaches Be Perceived as Credible?

Sometimes new coaches tell me they want to focus on a specific target audience and niche because they think that’s where the money is. For example, one coach, who had never worked a corporate job, wanted to become a corporate coach. Another who never had any business experience wanted to be a business coach.

Well, that’s not going to fly, right? I mean what possible reason would those audiences have to work with those coaches? No reason I can think of. That will make enrolling clients nearly impossible.

So, when you choose a target audience and niche it’s rarely a good idea to choose completely arbitrarily.

By the way, while it may be true that there can be increased income potential in corporate or business coaching, the competition is fierce there. Every coach needs to find a way to STAND OUT!

Before you decide to put a stake in the ground for a specific target audience and niche ask yourself: Why would they listen to me? Now I know that coaches can coach around any topic and they can coach any audience. But I’m not talking about who you could coach. I’m talking about who would HIRE YOU!

When I help coaches choose their target audience and develop their coaching niche I encourage them to leverage their unique experience, knowledge and wisdom in career or life.

Be Generous with Yourself

Here’s an example from the other end of the spectrum. Often, even with vast experience, a coach won’t perceive or believe in the value of their own experience. They second-guess it. Or they find holes in their knowledge that they think disqualifies them off hand to work with an audience.

I don’t see it that way. I know the power of story. And I know that if you’ve experienced what it’s like to be your target audience – even if you’re not there now – it raises credibility. Episode 164 would be helpful after this episode. It’s called Why Your Personal Story is Valuable to Coaching Clients.

So, consider thinking of experience as the primer for your emerging expertise. In a minute I’ll tell you how to gain expertise quickly.

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Now, back to how to gain expertise quickly …

The Quick Way to Grow Expertise

I think a lot of people have an old-fashioned concept of expertise. Apprentices used to follow the master around for years and learn everything they know before going out on their own.

But now the approach is called agile development. You need a good idea and to use your big brain. Entrepreneurs start in their 20’s, teens or even younger — people who don’t have the life and work experience that you have. So you can do this too.

Anyone who applies focus and awareness on a particular problem and has solved a BIG PROBLEM for themselves could be perceived as an expert rather quickly for others with that same problem.

It’s one of the reasons why I teach coaches to develop a Signature Program that’s uniquely their own that helps a specific narrow audience solve a big problem. Check out Episode 65 called Are You Solving a Big Enough Problem in Your Coaching Business?

Focus + Awareness are powerful ingredients to quickly build expertise.

So why doesn’t everyone have expertise? It is only because they haven’t owned what they know or they haven’t applied themselves to figure out a system. I invite you to OWN what you know, build upon and leverage it into your coaching business. You can do it!