Ep 181 – 8 Secrets to Attract Coaching Clients with Your Content

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Episode Transcript

This episode is inspired by all the coaches out there heartfully doing things every day to attract ideal coaching clients and help them transform.

Last week, a coach asked me to review the content she was putting out to attract paying clients — her podcast episodes, social posts and presentations. Her business hadn’t reliably taken off yet and she wondered if she was on the right track.

It’s super smart to take a step back and look dispassionately at everything.

I was very impressed by her discipline. It was clear to me that she was DOING all the right things – daily social posting, building her network on LinkedIn, publishing an episode every week and getting in front of her audience with presentations.

Technically, everything was on track. She had all the processes down. She was taking all the right steps with admirable dedication.

What’s Missing in Your Coaching Content?

But there was something missing from most of her content … connection.

You know … not just words but words that land. Not just topics but topics that are top-of-mind for her audience. And not just words and topics but relating to the audience.

I want you to know this is a mistake a lot of coaches make. And, it took me a long time to figure out that just putting out content wouldn’t help me have a financially successful business.

It’s time to develop yourself as a savvy and authentic marketer.

I know, I know you don’t want to market. Who does? But marketing effectively is simply about connecting on a level that your audience responds to.

Marketing Connects Your Ideal Coaching Client to You

Marketing is not an evil thing. You don’t have to lie or manipulate to attract clients.

It’s about connecting the dots between you and your ideal audience. Create a beautiful customer journey for the right people to find you and the right people to connect with you. Your ideal clients. Your people. What Seth Godin calls your tribe. Check out episode 69 to learn about creating a customer journey.

The way that most coaches market is dry, soulless and lacks insight into their audience. And that’s only because the coach hasn’t put a focus on their audience.

Let’s talk about the first 3 developmental stages of a successful coach for a minute …

  1. First, there’s learning the skills and model of coaching. Some coaches stop here.
  2. Then, there’s learning how to develop a solid foundation for your coaching business. This isn’t trivial. It’s what I do with my VIP clients in my 5 month mentoring program Coaching Business Breakthrough. Some coaches skip over most of this. They throw up a website, try to sell coaching and flounder.
  3. Then, there’s learning how to speak to your audience in a way they can hear. The truth is it’s not possible to attract paying clients without this.

Personally, I love this last part. I’m fascinated by human beings. I like to understand them. And I want to have a relationship with my target audience not just sell them stuff.

I find it a bit ironic that as new coaches connection is often forgotten. But it’s understandable because there is so much to learn.

Are you ready for the 3rd stage of development as a coach? You do need to complete the 2nd stage first, by the way.

If, like my client, you’re doing all the right things mechanically but not gaining enough traction in your business, it’s time to connect the dots between tactics and attraction and between you and your audience.

8 Secrets to Content that Connects

So, here’s the meat of the sandwich and what I want you to take away for creating ALL of your content – social posts, podcast episodes, blogs and articles, seminars, webinars, workshops – ALL content.

Be sure that in all of it you connect to your audience. Now let’s get to the 8 ways …

#1 Grab Attention

The only way to grab attention in this crazy world of information bombarding everyone is through relevance. Don’t spout off about coaching and all the coachey topics. Talk about exactly the most important things to your audience.

#2 Raise Curiosity

When you title your episode, article or presentation don’t give away the punchline. Hide that but tease it. If your audience isn’t curious, they won’t take the time to experience what you’ve created.

#3 Contextualize Everything

Don’t talk to the general population. Step into their world. Show your audience you understand their world but including the keywords, scenarios and challenges of the world they live in as it relates to your niche.

#4 Be Unique

If your content sounds like everyone else’s content you won’t attract your ideal clients. Take risks, own your authority, be edgy. Come up with your own stuff rather than parroting someone else.

#5 Show Vulnerability

Yes you can be an authority and be a real human being at the same time. Show how you relate to your audience. Commiserate. Be compassionate.

#6 Be Strategic

Think through what you’re doing and why. What’s the end result you want to achieve? What do you want your audience to take away that’s of value?

#7 Raise Desire

Your audience won’t invest in your help unless they want what you’re offering. But rather than convincing them hit the mark with your offers. Don’t offer a Discovery Call or to sign up on your email list. Who wants those things. Understand what they actually want and serve that up.

#8 Entertain Them

Wrap what you do with humor, beauty, relief. You don’t have to attract them with a 3-ring circus or sex! But don’t bore your audience or they will pass on all your amazing value. Take a look at your content. Have you infused it with these 8 things. Need help to make this developmental leap? Let’s have a Strategy Session and help you put life into what you do so well technically.