Ep 154 – Are You Manifesting Ideal Coaching Clients for You?

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Episode Transcript

This episode is inspired by a rarely used skill that we all have and that can greatly help you attract more coaching clients that you’ll love.

I recommend you also listen to a previous episode called Can You Manifest Coaching Business Success with Your Mind? It talks about different aspects of manifesting.

This episode won’t be repetitive as it’s about one particular part of manifesting, which is attracting ideal clients.

Back in 2001 when I was writing curriculum for Coach Training Alliance I came up with the term ideal client. I doubt it was a wholly original idea but it was an aha in my mind.

Coaches want to have a financially successful business. I love the idea of prosperity thinking and wanted to include elements of that in the curriculum. But I’ve also used this idea in my own coaching business.

Fit Matters Coach to Client

Every coach will have preferences about the best clients for them and every client will have preferences about the person that helps them transform. In an ideal world there would be that excellent fit more often than not.

Fit is critical for excellent coaching to happen. And, fit is critical for you to earn well as a coach. Look, if you’re attracting non-ideal clients a lot you’re not going to be happy and neither are your clients.

If your clients aren’t happy, you have referrals and testimonials. If you’re not happy, you’ll feel drained and burned out.

There’s an art to attracting clients. I call it an art because it takes time to learn who is ideal for you and it takes conscious attraction practices to draw them to you.

One powerful part of attraction is the words you use on your website, your social posts, your freebie, your content such as blogs, podcast episode and also the words you use to describe your Signature Program.

If you’re blessed as I am, you’ll have that word fit reflected back to you. Here’s a review I received for Prosperous Coach Podcast to illustrate what I mean:

I absolutely love how open, sincere and generous Rhonda is with her time-tested wisdom in what it takes to build a successful coaching business from scratch. As a newbie coach still enrolled in a certification program, my mind-wheels are constantly spinning about how to build my new business. Rhonda’s value-filled words and energy help ground and ignite me at the same time. She takes me out of the fog and into clarity, out of stumbling into jogging steadily forward.

Wow! Thank you for that amazing review, Lena.

How did I help ground and ignite something inside that coach – someone I didn’t know before? How did I help her come out of the fog and into clarity? Two main ways:

  1. By studying what words would land best with my ideal client within my chosen target audience.
  2. By thinking of my ideal client while I create messaging to attract clients.

What Are the Right Words to Attract Your Ideal Coaching Client?

That’s a discovery process that takes place BEFORE you do anything to attract clients. Before you build your website, before you put out content and social posts, before you design your Signature Program, you need to know what words will land with your ideal client.

Words matter. And in this world of rush, rush info coming at us like a fire hose, the most relevant words will be the ones that capture attention and keep it.

Of course, to do that you’ll have to narrow your audience. The temptation to say ALL the words that will please everyone is a folly. It’s better to focus in, tune in and speak the words your audience can relate to.

I think I’ve always known that words matter. But lately it’s become a point of mastery for me. I know that less is more. And I know that people relate, form ideas and are attracted emotionally through words.

24 Powerful Questions to Identify Your Ideal Coaching Client

Have you ever created an ideal client profile? Some people call this an Avatar.

When I ask coaches who their ideal client is, they almost all say the same thing. I want a client who:

  • Is open to being coached. Yes, coachability is important.
  • Wants to change. Absolutely, if they aren’t a seeker wanting something with all their heart that’s been elusive to them, they won’t be inspired to invest in your help.

These are good things and they don’t quite define an ideal client because they are both critical factors for any client.

I encourage you to start a list of traits about your ideal clients now and add to it overtime as you know more.

As it relates to your niche ask yourself these questions about your target audience:

What generation are they in or what’s they age range?

Where do they live?

How do they earn an income?

What specific job or industry do they work in?

Do they have a spouse and/or kids?

What do they care most about?

What are their interests, hobbies and passions?

What are their top responsibilities?

What are their top goals?

What are their biggest problems?

What keeps them up at night?

What do they watch on TV?

What do they read?

Where do they like to shop?

What causes do they support?

What social media channels do they frequently use?

What do they search the Internet for?

What’s their work style?

What’s their learning style?

What’s their top method of written communication?

What’s their decision making style?

How do they think?

What are their greatest fears?

What are their greatest hopes?

You can see that if you’ve narrowed to a specific target audience and niche for your coaching business, it will be much easier to answer these questions.

Note that depending on your audience and niche some of these things may not need to be answered. For example, my ideal clients live everywhere because I have an international business.

Now go a step further. Make a favorites list of your clients and what specifically made them your favorite.

Something amazing happens when you begin to understand your ideal client at this level. Suddenly, the way you’ll attract this ideal client becomes clear. You can be more authentic and strategic.

And now you can manifest clients with your mind.

When I create a podcast episode I am constantly thinking about, visualizing and caring about my ideal client. I’m speaking directly to them. I’m calling them in with my words, with my energy and with my heart. I can’t tell you how often I hear from my clients that they called me into their life too.

Now that’s joy.