A proven method for increasing the number of people who hire you

This is a guest post by my friend, the enrollment expert, Bill Baren.

One of the things that often happens at the end of a consultation is your potential client says something like “I have to talk to my husband first” or “I have to consult my partner” or “I have to look at my budget first.”

This basically means that they can’t make the decision right now on the spot without consulting someone else or checking their finances.

I want to give you a power tip what you can do to make sure that this “I have to check with something first” situation results in a new client for you.

Power Tip: Be sure to set up a “follow-up” call with your potential client right away.

proven method for increasing the number of people who hire youYou can ask them: How long do you need in order to talk to your husband/your business partner or check your budget?

And then schedule a follow-up call at that time.

Be sure to also acknowledge their reason for not being able to decide now, and let them know that you honor that.

For example, you might say something like “Joanne, I really respect the fact you want to check with your husband first on this important decision. Why don’t we schedule a short follow-up call and I can answer any questions you have if you’re still trying to make a decision.”

If there is an additional person involved in the decision – such as a spouse or business partner – you might also send your potential client a web link or a brochure that outlines the benefits of working with you, so they can share it with the other decision-maker.  You can also coach your potential client to get clear on the top 3 benefits of working with you, so that they can clearly communicate it. It’s a way to ensure that the value of your work doesn’t get lost in the translation.

Here’s another reason for scheduling a follow-up call:

First of all, most people will say yes to a follow-up call.  And with that call you are creating accountability in helping them make the decision.  And that’s huge because left to our own devices we can prolong not making a decision for a while.  And remember the longer you allow your potential client to think about it, the more likely that the inspiration of the consultation is going to fade.  So schedule the follow-up call for as soon as you can so that the decision is being made when your potential client is still inspired by the conversation you’ve just had.

Now if you don’t arrange for a follow-up, chances are you’ll never hear from them again.

So if you aren’t scheduling follow up calls when your potential client needs to think more before making a decision, you’re potentially losing out on a significant number of clients.

YOUR PRACTICE – next time you have a conversation with a client where they can’t make up their mind to hire you on the spot, schedule a follow-up call and see what happens to your results.

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