Got Dropbox? My New Favorite Online Tool

Most of the time online tools come with hassles. It’s a lesser of evils sort of thing. Dropbox, my new favorite online tool, makes me smile because there are no bugs, no confusion and nothing to buy. Good on you Dropbox creators!Dropbox

Dropbox is a place to put all your electronic stuff – files, folders, photos – “in the cloud” so you can access it from all your various devices – computer, iPad and smart phone. Plus, you can give instant access to anyone else you choose.

Let’s say you’ve got a new coaching client in New Zealand, and you want an easy way to get your welcome packet back and forth that’s secure. You set up a new folder with the docs, share it only with your client, then invite your client to open the docs, complete them and save them there on Dropbox. No downloading, printing or faxing. And it’s safe and secure.

Or, what if you want everyone on your team to be able to access a bunch of graphics anytime they need them? Set up the folder on Dropbox, load in the graphics and invite your team to share the folder. They can download what they need when they need it.

I’m always refreshing my training guides, ebooks – all those goodies I offer to clients. Once I accidentally grabbed an old version for a promotion and had to redo everything. But with the most recent files on Dropbox, I simply open and work on the version that’s in Dropbox. Then save it when I’m done. If I want to see a past version, there’s a time machine on Dropbox that allows you to pull up old stuff.

When you set up your Dropbox account you get 2 GB of cloud space free. Then every time you invite someone new to Dropbox, you both get a gift of 500 more MB! That’s a lot of space to use, unless you’re loading up many big files like videos.

To start, download the Dropbox app to your computer and any other device you want to have access. You can open files from Dropbox without going online, just like you would open any folder. But when you update and save, within a few seconds the documents are in sync on the cloud. So if you’re working on something at home and then go on business trip and want to access the same document, you don’t have to email it to yourself or carry files around on a jump drive. It’s there on Dropbox when you’re ready.

Okay, ‘nuf said. Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts about this tool.