Discover Your Signature Difference – by Shawn Driscoll

This is a guest post by my friend and colleague, Shawn Driscoll, “The Trailblazer’s Coach”.

In a crowded marketplace everyone is looking for a way to get noticed.  I think one of the great paradoxes we’re all living with (and through) is that the more connected we become the more difficult it is to truly connect with others and be heard.

You could try and get noticed by being louder than others, or by connecting more frequently, but that may push people away rather than draw them in.  You could play with the latest marketing tactic or trick to catch attention—albeit fleeting.  Or perhaps take on a catch persona or put on a ‘show’.  But eventually those get lost in a sea of sameness too.

Here’s what I think.  I think the best way to stand out is to be yourself—to find your own Signature approach or way of working (and being) and claim that.  Signature is about fully being yourself and amplifying the elements that make you memorable and distinctive.  No marketing tricks or persona’s needed.

Signature is:

  1. claiming your distinctiveness and being willing to show it off a bit
  2. being authentic
  3. being grounded in values that guide you no matter what is going on in the market
  4. expressing your point of view, your creativity, your unique take on life and business
  5. standing confidently and clearly in your message
  6. having a style or approach all your own
  7. being different because you ARE different
  8. creating an experience for your clients, customers, prospects and those who experience your work
  9. taking the lead more often than you follow
  10. a willingness to step out of convention and challenge assumptions (especially your own)
  11. making an impact with your gifts, talents and strengths
  12. taking a stand for something of meaning to you and to others
  13. trusting your own wisdom as much as you trust the insight of your mentors and advisers
  14. finally being ok with who you are – and who you aren’t

It may seem like a tall order.  At first, it may even feel scarier than trusting the latest marketing trick, right? I don’t intend it to be.  In fact, when you finally grasp that all you really have to do is be yourself, you may breathe a sigh of relief!  When you let yourself off the hook about having to ‘get it right’ or do things exactly like others are doing them, you begin to recognize your signature difference.  That’s when things get exciting!

Finding your signature difference is about finding the place where what you do and who you are is strong, clear and confident.  That place where you and your market connect on a deep level and clients just ‘know’ you are the one they need to work with.  I’m often asked how to figure this out.  So here are 5 really straightforward ways to uncover your unique brilliance and find your Signature difference.

  • What is the experience you want your customers, colleagues and others to have when they interact with you and your company?  What words do you want them to use when talking about you and your business?  These can become the “signature” elements you put in place to stand out.
  • Think about the 5 proudest moments in your business life.  What words, phrases, feelings and images come to mind?  Consider how these might showcase the best and brightest about you and your business…and how that might just be your “signature” difference.
  • What compliments do you hear over and over again?  If you don’t do it already, I highly recommend keeping a “fabulous file” to store all the random and not so random feedback, compliments, thank you’s and appreciations you receive.  These are clues to your signature approach and to what people value most in working with and around you.
  •  Make a list of the 5 most favorite clients or customers or projects you’ve ever worked with.  What was it about those experiences that made them so memorable for you?  What were the results?  What was unique about these 5?  What was similar?  This is like a little treasure hunt leading you to your signature ‘thing’!
  •  Fast forward 3 years.  You’ve achieved more than you could have hoped in the last 3 years.  Your local newspaper is coming to interview you to share your success story.  What have you accomplished? What are you known for?  What are you proudest of?  What stands out about you to get you noticed and acknowledged?

So think about it.  What does being ‘signature’ mean to you?  What would it mean to be able to lead from there and know with clear confidence that you’ll be heard and connect deeply to your just right audience? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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About the author:

Shawn Driscoll, the Trailblazer’s Coach, guides visionary entrepreneurs to build high-impact, high-income, cutting edge businesses.  She guides them to discover their unique Trailblazer Quotient (TQ) and become a sought after authority while spending their days doing work they love. Discover your TQ and pinpoint your unique profit path at




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