Consults: The #1 Easiest Way to Enroll Coaching Clients

Are you offering consults to prospective coaching clients? If not, I hope by the end of this post you will take my 90 day challenge and find out how the habit of giving consults can bring you clients right now. In fact, I double dog dare you to find anything better to enroll new clients into your high value programs!

It’s easy to pour your time into Internet marketing, thinking that social networking and blogging alone will get you all the clients you need. But those methods are best for building a leads list and bringing you future clients. If you want more coaching clients right nowreal time connection is still the easiest, most direct and most effective way to engage new clients. And it’s fun!

Enrolling is a simple coaching skill that will do more than any other approach to get you high paying private clients. And you can easily adapt the enrollment process to preview teleclasses and public speaking, to enroll people into your group programs too.

Should I Give a Sample Session or Consult?

Enrolling Clients with Sample Sessions or Consultations

Most coaching schools recommend delivering a full blown coaching session as a sample to enroll clients. There’s nothing better for stretching your coaching skills as you’re first getting started. And, if you are vigilant about keeping your time boundaries, avoiding over-delivery, and acing the close; prospects will become your clients through sample sessions.

But, after a while, you might find that sample sessions are too time consuming. Coaches also tell me that in sample sessions they tend to focus more on their technique than engaging the client. From sample coaching, prospects often slip away from the full session feeling “done” rather than primed for long-term support.

A different approach is to set up a short, themed consult as a simple discovery process to enroll clients. You still get to use your coaching skills – asking powerful questions and listening – to quickly uncover where your prospect wants to go, where they are now, and the gap in between.

Then it’s easy to show them how you can help them bridge that GAP.

Your prospects will get value from the questions and be inclined to hire you. And it’s such a relief that you don’t have to solve anything during the consult. It’s simply a discovery process to highlight the gap and how you can help. And after doing this a few times, you’ll become very good at it.

The Non-Pushy Way to Enroll Coaching Clients

For the “how to” of enrolling clients through consults, the Master is Bill Baren. Maybe you’ve seen Bill’s recent video series that reveals dozens of easy-to-apply enrollment secrets. Bill is a regular guy who enrolls high paying coaching clients through consults 80% of the time or better. Wouldn’t you love to have that result?

Bill has agreed to let me interview him so you can hear how to:

  • Lead prospective clients to “YES” – it works anytime, anywhere. Whether you are in a one-on-one consultation …. leading a teleseminar…. or speaking on a stage.
  • Turn the dreaded response of “I can’t afford it” into the perfect opportunity for you to close the sale right on the spot.
  • Use a simple fear-busting technique you can apply right away. You’ll feel much more comfortable talking to people about fees and inviting them to work with you.
  • Implement his proven 5-step system for making money and enrolling new clients through teleseminars and speaking engagements (and if you’ve never done them before, this will make it easy to get started).
  • DOUBLE the number of potential clients who hire you.

I hope you’ll join us to hear Bill share this directly with you on: Wednesday, October 27, 4:00pm ET.

Save your spot in that call!

When you sign up you’ll have access to Bill’s insightful videos that show you how to enroll step by step.

Marry Online with Offline Enrollment Processes

Don’t wait to have all the bells and whistles of your online presence set up before you start scheduling consults every week. It’s absolutely possible to fill your coaching business with clients through consults before you have anything else in place — your website, social networking, an ezine or blog. 

Once you do have a website up, use it as the platform to set up an automatic “conversion” process:

  1. Your blog or static website offers a compelling freebie as the obvious first step with you.
  2. Once they sign up for that, send out an autoresponder to prospects inviting them to your consult.
  3. Block out specific times in your calendar each week for consults.
  4. Use TimeTrade or another online scheduler, so people can easily choose a time for their consult. Put the link to sign up in your autoresponder. A reminder will go out to you and the prospect.

As your leads list and credibility with your market grows, you’ll be able to limit your consults to people you expect are highly motivated to enroll. And that leverages your time!

Take the 90 Day Get-More-Clients Challenge

In the next 90 days, set up as many consults as you can with people in your target market. Make it into a game. Use Bill Baren’s  Master of Enrollment process to make it easy and effective. You’ll feel more confident and have a lot more clients and income in just three months! Then re-up the challenge for another 90 days, so it becomes a success habit.

Comment and let us know if you’re taking the challenge and how it’s going for you. What’s working? What are your favorite enrollment questions? How have you gotten past objections?


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