Did You Skip This Crucial Step in Your Coaching Business?

I hope you didn’t. But don’t worry, it’s never too late to pick up that step because it will dramatically affect how much you earn and how hard you work.

We all happily stumble into exciting opportunities that become significant turning points in our coaching business. There’s a lot of grace in moving with the current… but it’s helpful to at least pick the river that will take you to where you ultimately want to go.

Making conscious choices, planning your work and working your plan, and setting intentions for the big milestones in your life are part of a prosperity practice. Deviating from the plan here and there is cool (but spazzing out all over the place is not so cool).

In my last post, my friend Erika Kalmar talked about the importance of business planning. Unsexy as that may seem, what I know for sure is that she’s absolutely right. Business planning helps you take AIM and take your business seriously.

Who you serve is the critical first step in your coaching business - Rhonda Hess

But it’s not the first step…

The 1st Crucial Step is Choose a Smart Coaching Niche: Decide specifically who you serve and what transformation you provide (that they urgently want). Stand for something and someone. That’s how you stand out.

Without that clarity, your business plan will be sketchy at best, your website will be bland and your offers won’t compel people to invest.

Are you leading your coaching business to long-term sustainable success? Or are you just taking stabs and hoping for the best?

Two things are at the core of your long lasting success:

1. Your niche —the specific transformation you provide, and

2. Your niche audience — the specific group of people you serve who urgently want the transformation you provide.

If you’ve chosen a coaching niche but you’re working too hard to get each client, there’s a set of simple shifts you can make today that will make you a coach in high demand. Start by testing your coaching niche.



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