Which Coach Archetype are You?

We know this: mindset and action are the make or break factors in our success on any given day. The trick to doing well while you do good for the world is a continual improvement of both.

A fun way to evolve and thrive in business is to pay attention to the archetypes — day to day pattern of thoughts and behaviors — you employ. Here are 4 archetypes I see in myself and other service entrepreneurs such as coaches. See if you recognize your current default archetype among these.

The 4 Archetypes

brave hearted coach

  1. The Perpetual Student is driven by scarcity to grab each new shiny program, but failing to implement much, falls into overwhelm and paralysis from over -consumption (the in breath) without execution (the out breath).
  2. The Perfectionist agonizes and second guesses minute behind-the-scenes details holding back from connecting their offers to their target audience and postponing the results they most want.
  3. The Hasty Executive  is fast to action on every idea, but hasn’t thought through what their audience really wants or how they’ll monetize their offers.
  4. The Brave Heart – is 100% committed to their own success raising courage to implement what they learn even through fear and knowing the value of mistakes. Because they value their time and think through the pathway to the results they want, they reap more rewards, both in joy and income.

More time spent in The Brave Heart archetype makes your biz more fun and rewarding in every way. If you find you default to one of the first three, know that it doesn’t define who you are; it’s just the pattern you’ve currently settled into. You have the power to move yourself into a more powerful way of being.

The Perpetual Student

The mantra: “I don’t know enough.” “The answers I need are out there.”

Take these steps to shift:

  1. Get at least 75% of your learning from testing and tweaking your mindset and actions.
  2. Hire a mentor and use accountability processes to advance you.
  3. Recognize and leverage the vast knowledge and skills you bring to the table. Use them to do good and do well now, rather than “someday”.
  4. Make this your new mantra: “I have everything I need to be successful inside of me. I implement what I learn and take daily actions to manifest what I want most.”

The Perfectionist

The mantra: “Once I have all my ducks are in a row, then I’ll get out there for real.”

Take these steps to shift:

  1. Realize that people want to connect with the real you, not the perfected version. Your authenticity, vulnerability and powerful mindsets are far more attractive than perfection.
  2. Set intention that you will “bake” everything you create to 60% done, and then put it out into the marketplace to get feedback from your target audience before improving it.
  3. First thing each business day, complete 3 bite-size high payoff actions — tasks that take you out of your comfort zone and have a big impact on your business success. (Hint: rather than reworking your web content the third time; make calls to centers of influence to put you in front of future clients.)
  4. Limit your time on each task. Set a timer for a “power hour” and accomplish as much as you can on high payoff actions. Get to “good enough” and move on. Repeat.
  5. Make this your new mantra: “I am enough as I am now. My target market prefers intuitive to overworked materials and programs.”

The Hasty Executive

The mantra: “Every idea is an idea I should act on.”

Take these steps now to shift:

  1. Work with a business coach with proven results to help you focus in, streamline and create long term smart strategies.
  2. Project your sales and then create clear goals and milestones generated from focused revenue streams.
  3. Develop criteria to differentiate a good idea from the right idea — one with high return potential. For each right idea, think through the best way to monetize your efforts and offers.
  4. Your new mantra is: “What does my target audience know they want to invest in?. How can I offer them that?”

The Brave Heart

The mantra: “I am on my power path.”

You recognize this archetype. When you feel decisive, are focused on high impact tasks, and 100% committed to your own success, it feels great and brings more of the results you want. It’s okay to sometimes plod and sometimes leap toward your goals because you’re focused. You on a hero’s journey.

To summon the brave heart within you:

  1. Recognize you are primed for this journey. Step fully into your power.
  2. Take one simple step after another, while acknowledging and releasing thoughts of fear, doubt, inadequacy. Keep “pitching balls” to the Universe so it can strike a home run for you. (Mike Dooley, Leveraging the Universe.)
  3. Cultivate an “unstoppable” attitude.
  4. Create a rhythm of action and flow.
  5. Raise courage, rather than looking for confidence, to cross thresholds into the unknown.


Share your comments below this post. What messages are you feeding yourself today? Are there other “archetypes” you’ve identified that you default into? What will you do today to cultivate your brave heart?


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