The Best Low Cost Method to Build Trust with Your Tribe (& Build Your List & Income Too)

I’ve been blogging since 2009. Of all the tools I’ve used to grow my coaching and mentoring business, blogging shines the brightest.

Admittedly, it’s a slow build strategy. So if you’re looking for a one hit wonder, this isn’t it. But you can’t be in “big splash” campaign mode all the time. That has a high cumulative cost in time, energy, and losing folks off your list If they’re not ready yet. It’s exhausting for you as well as your tribe. And big launches suck up lots of hours for your team too.

I’m not saying not to do big launches. They rock! But… everything in balance. You need a “steady-drip” strategy to continually touch the lives of your tribe in a way that is highly effective at building trust.

Rhonda Hess Build Trust with Your Tribe The same point applies to joint ventures. You can get a big boost to your list from a joint venture, but the connection is deeper and more resilient when people have a reason to follow you over time. A blog provides that touch point with people in ways that ezines cannot.

Before launching my blog, I put out an ezine for 10 years. It created some fans, but didn’t allow for much two-way communication. I often felt like I was talking to a wall.

In just a few months of blogging, I felt a huge shift in my business. My list was expanding with every post, and that translated to my income as well.

But the biggest advantage of blogging comes with more satisfying and long-term relationships. Readers can share comments and tweet out my posts to their friends. That brings me in deeper connection with them, as well as drawing people to my website that I would have never found if I wasn’t blogging.

When people enroll in a teleworkshop or a VIP Intensive with me, they bring stories about how a blog I wrote a year ago is why they’re here. Brilliant! That’s exactly what was intended, right?

I can’t tell you how often I hear “I’ve saved every blog you’ve ever written” from new clients. They know me and trust me already, and that’s why they’ve invested in my program.

Blogging does several things well at once.

  1. Blogs can be set up to create community and elevate your site’s profile in Google.
  2. At the touch of a button your blog has the potential to reach people who don’t know you yet. Recommendations from friends often carry more social credibility than hearing about you through another thought leader.
  3. Plus blogging leverages the little time you do invest, and it’s virtually free.

So, if you have a blog but you’ve let it slip, get back into posting regularly, and start making deeper connections by inviting comments and questions. Respond to comments in a personal way.

If you’re putting out an ezine, consider publishing your articles blog-style instead. Connect plugins that zip your posts out to social networks automatically. Then follow up with people there too.

If the whole idea of blogging is overwhelming, I’d be happy to show you how to set one up and get it going in a way that brings you great results. I’ve got an easy step-by-step blueprint in my new Client Winning Websites & Blogs system.

And please share your thoughts about blogging in the comments. What’s working for you? What’s holding you back? What are your tips or questions? Join the conversation, because we want to hear your voice!

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